Where is this PimaxXR found?

I read mentions on the net about PimaxXR giving a slight increase in FPS over SteamVR and OpenXR?

I’m wondering the following,

What is it?

Where is it downloaded?

How do you run and disable/remove StramVR (I use) ?

I’d like to use it and see if I get any increases in performance.

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Do you need OpenXR to run it? How is iRacing opened with PimaxXR/OpenXR ?

The dev of this great software @mbucchia has created a very good manual/wiki at the link that should answer your questions.

Try 0.3.4 for now. Should likely see perf increase ~5 to 10 in my testing.

I notice just now that mbucchia accepts sponsors on his GitHub page, by the way…
I may not today use XRToolkit, and his other IMHO absolutely vital efforts, but sooner or later I’m bound to… could be worth chipping in half a bit… :7

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