Where is the aftersale team ? Mozi is gone

Hello guys, I don’t know if you saw it, but @Mozi who took in charge a few weeks ago the aftersale service of Pimax didn’t appear on the forum since april 4 !!
I think you can stop to link his name.

Now my question is for @anon66707699, who is in charge and active for the aftersale service ??


Mozi is still taking charge. If you have any questions you may tag @anon74848233


Ok thanks for the update.

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I send an email to Mozi this afternoon … so if I understand well I can forget Mozi?
Dallas responds to me every 3 weeks, it may become even more complicated …
thank you for answering my translator is a bit capricious.:sweat_smile:

Well, After a research on the forum, he didn t say a thing in past 9 days