When will we see the WiFi wireless adapter?

I just stumbled over a new Steam offering, valid since February 9. 2024:

Nofio wireless adapter for Valve Index is built for serious gamers. It comes with everything you need to convert your exising Valve Index to a truly wireless VR Headset. With a dedicated wireless transmitter and receiver, the conversion to wireless is easy, non-destructive and removeable. Simply connect the base transmitter to your PC (DisplayPort, USB and Power), attach the receiver to your headset and connect the supplied short Oculink cable and you are good to go…

I wonder, if Pimax can deliver the WiGig Module.

The Pimax module was shown working at CES 2024. But it had an external battery attacked. There was no price, release date or any other details about its release.

It’s strange Crystal still has no functioning Wifi6e which should be so much easier to fix and cost nothing as it’s already built in.

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Nofio hasn’t had good reviews from early adopters with issues around image quality, fan noise and heat

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