When will the base station and controller delivery

of course the 5k Pimax is a good prodouct, but without assistence no support end very long delivery . I
ordered and already paid base station and controllers, but after several promises first in September then October and until now that is December, I have not yet received what I paid,
5K will also be a good product, but you are zero for what concerns support and assistance. I will never buy anything from you again and you will only have negative publicity. zero support zero seriousness.

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We are in process of releasing regular updates.


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why you’re talking about the 8kkX and 8k+, I am talking about base stations and controllers

are you real or an automatic reply?

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automatic…he’s Max Headroom afterall/s

seriously, Heliosurge is here to help you.


Guess you didn’t take time to read the post over. Otherwise you would have found there is an update there regarding Controllers & Lighthouses.

Try to read the entire posted update.


ok thanks, I didn’t understand that there was a link, unfortunately the Pimax assistance puzzles me, I’m too angry and disappointed for the lack of information and delays. above all because they postpone from month to month. now they talk about January, but I have my doubts.

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No problem. Your frustration is quite understandable. If your a pre-order whom Deposited $300 towards Controllers & Lighthouses. You may want to consider the Index Bundle upgrade.

At last post on Pimax Controllers might be out in March(but need to wait on a update to confirm potential).

Index Bundles in Update (2nd post in Link). Said to start shipping in January for EU.

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If you are a pre-order for base station and controller deposit, you can upgrade to the Valve controller. It has been confirmed that shipment to Europe will begin in January.

If you want to keep the Pimax controller, you may need to wait. Currently, the available solution is to upgrade to the Valve controller, or you can choose to ship the base station in advance.

We will humbly accept your criticism, and we will update the project schedule for you in the future.

The title can be confusing. I will change it.

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Sorry to Crash your conversation.

Is there any Update on the Price? Is It $300 still for basestations and controllers Or do l Need to calculate more? I do Not find anything in their Shop anymore.

I am Used to delivery complicatons already. But pretty happy with my Pimax actually. I got Vive Equipment, so I am Fine Atm and can wait…

If the Quality and Price is okay.


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I presume your a Pre-Order Customer. If so will need @Matthew.Xu to answer as the $300 was a deposit & haven’t heard myself on final price. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Hello Matthew, this is what I would like to know… so when might it be possible for full package backers to have the basestations shipped in advance of the controllers? Since we know they are delayed.

Thanks for all the hard work and dedication you have shown here over the last few months. It’s noticed and appreciated.


Thank you a lot for the fast answer. One can always count on you. This question was just meant as an update.
I will step back from getting in touch with pimax…
you know, because… :joy:

Well they are working on improving communication. Last week was just the beginning.

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We have put this matter on the agenda, and there will be preliminary plans in the near future.

OK, thank you…I’m not sure if that means that yes you will ship Base Stations soon… or… that you will be talking about it soon, but I do appreciate the response regardless. There are many many of us out there who need these base stations now and I think that Pimax wil benefit greatly from good PR at a time when quite frankly they can use it. Main stream media wil also pick up on it, and push the news out there as well. So many delays lately, we all need a win right about now.


I have to say that this is one of the most ambiguous and vague answers I’ve gotten to a question in a while. Well played on giving a “detailed” answer that feels like a good meal without dessert to follow :wink:

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All i can think of, is no bs or controllers before 2021.
If i look at the Store, i see where the basestations have gone.
They are meant for new buyers of the full package, Index style, at least it seems to be that way.
As soon as my KAT Loco’s arrive, i will sell the KS account and the p5+ with it.
I waited long enough and i’m done with broken promises.
Going to save for Valve.
I simply do not believe in the arrival of MAS and BS and stretch goals anymore.

i upgraded to valve stations and controllers and support is ignoring me for about month, and i haven’t received shipping details. just sharing my pain, i too will never be supporting pimax after i finally some year receive my bundle

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