When will Leap Motion be available to Purchase For Backers

Hi Mathew I know you are very busy ,would you please find out when Backers can purchase
Hand Motion Module as the last time it was on Pimax store it was only in a bundle. Also
TIA keep up the good work .


I want to buy it too


I wish I could have used my coupon on it during the survey!


What about this in the upload vr article:
The “8K series VR headsets with brand new Pimax controllers” also come embedded with Leap Motion hand-tracking and 7invensun eye-tracking technology, according to the company

Does it means backers are getting a different version with no hand tracking or eye tracking, while regular consumer will get those modules directly?

I mean are those module embedded inside the HMD (so in this case it would be a new model) or does it mean the retail package force people to buy everything?

The eye tracking module was included in the stretch goals, so backers will get it when it becomes available. The hand tracking module was a paid add-on ($100) that will be sent to backers that pledged for it.

It sounds like the retail package is forcing people to buy everything. IMHO it is a good idea to make it a package deal so that the more important modules become standard.


I agree. The retail version is more expensive for that reason alone. It has eye tracker and hand tracker. Take those out and the retail price comes close to kickstarter price but we get the eye tracker for free.

But now I wish I had paid for the hand tracking module. I already have the original Leap Motion and I thought I would just use that one first, but it’s ugly and not wide field so I want the new one!

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