When update PiTool source in Github?

I want to fix the bug where peripheral devices don’t shut down when SteamVR is closed…
Also other bugs (ex - can’t shutdown PC because PiTool blocked shutdown)

If you close pitool, the HMD will shut down. You just have to set it in pitool beforehand.

It just turn off screen. not shutdown any controller, tracker, base stations, and still working HMD embedded pairing

the pimax cannot turn off bases and controllers. It’s not a bug, it’s just not intended.
SteamVR would be the point of contact there, but also only with LH2.0 i mean.

Controllers should shotdown automatic after some minutes of Non-use.
LH1 bases have to be disconnected from the mains, or you just leave them on, like I have been doing since 2018.

To turn off pitool complete, dissable this:

No. In older versions of PiTool, “Restart Service” shuts down all trackers, controllers and make sleep base stations.
I’m sure it’s 100% bug.

nope, not for LH 1, there is no Communication between Bases and PC.
for LH2 maybe, but i mean, this work also only with index and maybe vive.

edit, here you can fin a little bit information

For both 1.0 and 2.0 basestations, bluetooth is not part of tracking, but it is used for power on and off and firmware updates.

On 2.0 basestations, bluetooth is actually the only method of updating firmware. Whereas the 1.0’s could update firmware via USB. The 2.0 basestations still have a USB connector, but updating firmware with it is not supported.

@Sargon He wants to turn off the stations with Pitool and that never worked.

Ah. I see I misunderstood your point.

Yep started about 2 months aho

I did not know that. Thanks.

@dstar I mean “Turn off all controller, tracker, base station when HMD off or Close PiTool”

Here’s example survived bug

  1. Turn on your Pimax HMD, controllers, trackers.
    Your controller must be pair from HMD. not bluetooth dongle.
  2. Start PiTool and wait detect all devices
  3. Click “Restart Service”
  4. As soon as a restart service button is pressed turn off HMD using HMD Power button
  5. Then, you can see immediately shutdown controllers.

Previously, all peripherals could be shutdown at the end of SteamVR like HTC Vive, but now Base station sleep mode isn’t working and tracker and controller aren’t shut down.
This’s an obvious bug and I have already reported it several times but have not fixed it.


In fact, this is not a big problem.
The problem of failure to shutdown the PC is bigger because PiTool doesn’t shutdown when the PC is shutdown.

The bases are shut down with the Vive via the external Vive-station. This maintains the Bluetooth connection to the peripherals. With the Pimax it was not possible without this vive- station, at least as long as I have a Pimax (Jan 2018).

Index Controllers havent been timing off like they used to.

Will Pimax really not going to fix this bug?
Or did you accidentally implement a feature that closes the peripherals when PiTool is closed, and disappeared during the update??

When fix it?

This is due to an issue with Pimax’s own software. They have found a way to make it compatible with SteamVR within their PVR environment. but it’s different from other headsets like the Vive Pro 2 or Varjo Aero. Pimax may not have used other SteamVR-compatible headsets for comparison, or they may not be aware that quitting SteamVR can cause the steamvr dongle to turn off all controllers and trackers, so they may not consider it a bug.

Similar to the problem of not being able to display controller battery levels correctly or show battery levels for more than three paired trackers, they may never fix these issues.

Here, I’ll share a method to quit SteamVR and turn off all controllers and trackers. Add the following line under the “steamvr” parameter in the steamvr.vrsettings file: { “requireHmd” : false }. This way, even without an HMD, the controllers and trackers can still be displayed. Now, you just need to close SteamVR first, then close PiTool or PimaxClient, then start SteamVR again, and finally quit SteamVR. This will turn off all your controllers and trackers (of course, this method is for external steamvr dongle controllers; I haven’t tested it with controllers connected through the headset steamvr dongle).

This method is quite cumbersome as it requires multiple software restarts. I’m just demonstrating the errors caused by PimaxClient or PiTool.