When open PiTool, the brightness always reset

The brightness always reset and left eye is 0 while the right eye is -5.

Not sure what is wrong.


Yeah there seems to be an issue with Latest Pitool. @SweViver & others have reported on it & rec i beleive to use previous release.

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Hello, same issue here, just got the 5K+ a few days ago so I downloaded and installed the latest Pitool.
Today it’s weird, Brightness is set to -1/0 , when I set the other one to -1, it resets to 0 after a second. Definitely bugged.

It’s mentioned a few times here:

As @Heliosurge says the previous beta can be used instead (.129). They’re both available here:

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I just reported this issue in another post, plus a few other settings like to change when loading Pitool.


Same thing observed here. The brightness and contrast value are always changing from time to time…

With the new PiTool 144, you can Save your settings in the software. Have you tried that @NoFear99?

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I just came to check into Pitool software and I saw no place where we can click to save any profile settings ?

Where you can create profiles there is a save button on the right.

My Pitool version is

I followed your video on youtube to go on pimax website and get the latest pitool over there.

When I click on check for update button it said I already have the latest version but by reading you it look like there is newer then that.

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It’s not available on the download page and as far as I know that “check update” feature newer worked… :crazy_face:



Yeah the last updates haven’t been added to the automatic update in PiTool (not sure why), so just grab the version from the link @DrWilken provided above and install it over your previous PiTool version.

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