When is the ipd tool finally coming for the pimax eperience,its needed!

When is the ipd tool finally coming for the pimax eperience,its needed!


I wouldn’t hold your breath.
Supposedly (I can’t find the source), someone measured it and found that the 8kX ipd does NOT go down past 63 or so and putting out an ipd alignment tool would demonstrate that. I think that they said that the settings are 2 or 3 increments off, as well. So if you have an ipd of 65, you have to set it at 67 or 68.

It is my hope, but not expected, that, someday, Pimax will put out two 8kX’s: one for small ipd’s and one for larger ones. I don’t think that they’re going to be able to fix the problems that lead to having to lie about the ipd in the headset itself. The only question is will they ever be willing to do so? As soon as they do, the internet will light up with complaints about the existing one and it’s false ipd settings.

It’ll be interesting to see what kind of replies this post gets but my bet is that none of the answers will actually say anything about the tool actually being released, other than to say “soon”. Like they did months ago.

Judging by everything so far it needs to come out as soon as possible because once it’s released there will be months, if not years of feedback and adjustments and tweaking and minute incremental weekly alpha releases that go up in letters and numbers after a decimal point instead of whole numbers.
The sooner we get that ball rolling the better to get a working tool this decade.

Anyone who understands the relationship between movable lenses, fixed displays and the necessary digital pixel shift can do without an IPD tool.

It would be good if it appeared at some point, but the world won’t end without it either.

Increasing the min ipd physical adjustment was already demoed months ago.

Pimax needs to release the wizard as it should have been released not long after the headset launch.

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As soon I thought I understood those relationships they changed them.

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