When is the headset production finished?

When is the headset production finished?

As far as I know, on January 15, 5896 sets of headsets have been produced.

As planned to produce at least 100 headsets per day
It is correct that the production of the remaining 1200 ~ 1300 sets of headsets will be completed before January 31st.

I wanna know. Whether you can complete all production and shipment of your headset before China’s New Year holiday season.

+We hope that production and shipping logs will be updated.

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They wont stop till yours is made :innocent:


Pimax for some reason is squirrelling away headsets in their warehouse. The “In warehouse” number never drops despite increased shipments, so I wouldn’t put any stock in the production number alone.

If they can keep their shipping numbers constant, before chinese new year could be possible.

On kickstarter the number of headsets in total was 5786. In theory all the headsets should have been produced by now including some replacement devices and devices for journalists and testers. At least that is what the production report says. It’s all about QC and shipping for the backers atm.

Since pre-sale has already started and we are talking real retail products also for the backer devices the production should never stop anyway, just improvements for new models in moths and years down the road…

I know the total backer number is 58xx.

But any backer ordered 2 or 3 … headset.
(Ex 5k x2 , 8k x2, 5k + 8k, 5k + 8k + 8kx… etc)

therefore total headset is 71xx set.

anyway pimax must produced all headset for backers to january 31.

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That would be assuming that they would complete backer orders before starting with pre orders.
I don’t feel comfortable enough to make such an assumption. Could be they start shipping pre orders no matter what or it’s just another date.

Not according to kickstarter… more than ohne item results either in additional backers or on of the bigger packages. But then extra HMD orders are not the norm, headsets for backers have all been made by now except there were short supply for the 5k+ panels which weren’t reported