Whats Your Daily Driver VR Headset?

Just want to get an idea what Pimax and non Pimax users on this forum use as their daily driver vr.

If possible in a format like this

  1. daily driver hmd
  2. what you hope will be the next daily driver for you
  3. whats the most important features that stick you to current driver
  4. and what most important features you miss in your current daily driverhmd
  5. and what most important features you hope for your next daily driver?

You can also add additional context or discuss things as well.

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  1. index
  2. planning to buy varjo aero
  3. comfort/compatibility/acceptable H fov/nausea free xp - solid tracking and 144hz/best overall features quality i saw so far/edge2edge clarity, huge vertical fov, best eye relief which helps a lot with fov & clarity
  4. resolution (though current is quite bearable, g2 clearest i tried so far), foveated rendering, more lightweight (950g with CW is too much), better sense of 3d depth (so its most immersive hmd i used, its more about current tech limitation , lack of depth on medium and far distances), Blacks and HDR, grip button steamvr controllers, human eye FOV
  5. realistically speaking i guess aero has chances to be a next daily driver for me, best next level clarity and 773g weight, i would sacrifice a bit of fov as Q2 doesnt bother me. Hope they will manage reprojections and distortion right. Also very appreciate cooling to eliminate fog.

Will also try valves next hmd and psvr2 + nexts oculus

  1. 8kx used almost daily, quest 2 about once every week or 2. Looking forward to GTA SA on q2, its the main reason i’m not selling it right now.
  2. Short term, arpara 5k for clarity fix but will still keep & use 8kx for fov fix (and to trade in).
    Long term, 12K.
  3. The fov is why i like my 8kx.
  4. I wish it was wireless.
  5. Clarity. Arpara 5k has varjo’ish ppd numbers, say no more. Then down the line the 12K will have high clarity fov and wireless.

I too will look at the Index successor and psvr alternatives when they come out. Doubt i’d buy the psvr though, i want to play msfs.


Pimax 8KX every day for a yaer. The FOV is unbeatable.

  1. Varjo VR-3
  2. no idea
  3. clarity as a function of resolution and lens design
  4. larger FOV
  5. larger FOV and foveated rendering
  1. Index
  2. No idea. We still do not know all devices that may possibly be coming, and things announced are still to face independent review. I will say, though, that on the slimmest of slim, and then starved on top, chance that Pimax were to accept my modified p8kX in trade, I would probably consider purchasing a p12k, on the reasoning that even were it to turn out just as unsuitable to my eyes as the p5k and p8kX before it, I could probably sell it on, for my own trade-in deal price, and be no more than the p8kX that I can’t use anyway, poorer. (I should also be receiving a pair of Tilt5 glasses some time the next few months, but those is an entirely different class of device, from VR HMDs. :7)
  3. Working fundamentals: The optics, projection, distortion correction, and brightness/contrast produces something that looks right, and is sharp almost all the way out to the edges of the 110° FOV. Software “just works”.
  4. Well everything could use improvement, of course - including the things that do work pretty well already. :7 The light scatter in the lenses must go - it’s been a object of unbridled hatred from me, ever since the Vive and RiftCV1 turned out to have fresnel lenses. Wouldn’t miss the LCD “blacks” either. (EDIT2: Also grumpy about those last 10° lateral FOV being “stolen” from the binocular overlap bit…)
  5. Comfort in all forms, of course. More resolution and FOV, naturally, but HDR would likely kind of trump them both (gimme all three, please :9), and if there were to be some truth to Bradley’s pie-in-the-sky-gazing about varifocal lenses: Oh yes! -Give me that please! -That would be a step forward second only to lightfield displays. From a larger perspective than any individual device: Software standards must come to make things like support (through various means) for wide FOV, foveation, HDR/wide colour gamut, depth of field, and lightfields, into baseline features, making them exceedingly easy for application developers to implement in their titles (EDIT: It should as closely as possible: “just happen”, as long as you follow normal API interactions.) (EDIT3: Hmm, to be perfectly clear: I am talking OpenXR - not proprietary APIs; No dev should have to specifically support any device; Write once - run everywhere.)

1.Htc Vive pro with asperical lense mod + wireless modul
2.Pimax 12k/Varjo Aero
3.Asperical lenses+Oled
5.Human Vision fov + oled + Asperical lenses + no sde+ human vision resolution + wireless+ light weight


1- Pimax 8KX
2- Pimax 12K Qled
3- FOV and Clarity.
4- More FOV of Couse and handtracking software compatibility.
5- Pimax 12K Qled seems complete with all features that I want but hopes that FOV would be full view (Horizontal and Vertical)

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