What's with all the "0 units of 8K" in the production updates?

As per title! Backed for an 8K, asked for an 8K in the surveys, but I’m getting increasingly nervous that every single production update shows “0 units of 8K” produced…

I’m in the mid 2000’s backer numbers so it won’t be long before they should be shipping my 8K headset, but I’m not sure how Pimax are going to manage that if they haven’t made any! :slight_smile:

Did they already have some made and because most people are switched to 5K+ they just don’t need to make any 8K each week? That’s the impression I’m getting so far.

Any answers from @deletedpimaxrep1 @PimaxVR @Pimax-Support @anon74848233 @Matthew.Xu , do you guys know what’s going on? The production updates should probably explain why 0 8K units are being built so we don’t get nervous. Is it really just that they have already built enough so far and don’t need to build more? I hope so!

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It was explained by Matthew



Please don’t worry so much.

We have already produced some 8K, not 0 units of 8K. We arrange the production line according to the production plan.

There is no issue with this. Thank you.


@Matthew.Xu thanks very much for the explanation, that’s good, it is as I suspected then!

In that case I will certainly stop worrying! ^-^

Looking forward to it!

@TrevorVR thanks for the link, there is some good info there and I see yeah Matthew Xu explained yesterday. Looks like 8K production starts up again next week (8th Jan?) if I read correctly?

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