What's the latest version of Pimax Experience?

searching through the forums, the latest version I’ve been able to find is v86, and that was shared by a forum user, and not pimax. and it was from 2021.

where can I find the latest version?

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That might be the last version produced as it’s development was put on hold possibly indefinitely.

Iirc there is an option to install it from pitool. Last report from a forum member cloud profiles are offline.

Confirmed 86 is the last newest version released.

It is too bad as it was a great project with an awesome direction.

Though had pimax opensourced the pitool interface properly we would have a variety of interfaces to choose from and might have had some kind of SteamVR Overlay for settings that do not require a SteamVR restart.


thanks for the reply. Interesting, I hadn’t read anywhere that PE development had been put on hold.

in your opinion, with my 8kx (dmas/fw2001), would it be better to stay with the “stable” versions of PiTool (v277) and PE?

or use v280 of PiTool and v86 of PE?

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Haven’t tried pitool 280 yet. Tbh there hasn’t been a stable stable pitool. My current pitool is 271.

PE should be fine as long as pitool engineers don’t break compatibility. So 50/50.

I would suggest trying pitool 280 and roll back if needed.

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Just FYI. It will probably make a comeback.


thanks. i’ll give pitool 280 a try.

do you know if you can upgrade it with v277 in place, or do I have to uninstall first? I recall reading something about the uninstall not cleaning up after itself.

and would rolling back just involve uninstalling v280, and then doing a regular install of v277?

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That has been a long standing rumour. Though not long ago one of the big contributors of Online profiles reports there no longer available. So I imagine will need a new host and an update to connect to new hosting service. Look forward to this should it happen.

It would also be an idea to go back to the opensource(which never really happened properly – was broken and never fixed), if even only to create a pitool interface sdk to create interfaces to change settings.

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Many recommend doing a full uninstall cleaning pitool settings. And run a program like ccleaner.

Myself? Have had good fortune simply installing over whether upgrading or rolling back.

Just be sure pitool and services are killed/not running.

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