What's the difference between Pimax 5K and 5k BE?

I understand BE is the business edition but aren’t the specs worse? With the BE it’s 85±3Hz?

so… 82-88Hz?

whereas the 5K is just 90 Hz

I don’t really understand why it costs more, if someone could explain that would be great thanks

The 5k BE is an Oled where as the 5k+ is lcd.

Oled Panels cost more but give benefits of true blacks & whites. However these panels often suffer more SDE due to less sub pixels (2 vs 3).

BE models I believe also have a Business related warrenty due to more potenial abuse.

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Ahhh I see, so would I be okay just buying the 5k plus?

as in, I would not be missing out on anything

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yes, 5k+ is completely ok


As Industria said the 5k+ would be a good choice. The prime difference is the display panel. Usage otherwise would be the same.

I haven’t yet received my headset so based on second hand information I am led to believe the 5k+ is a great choice. However if you play a lot, and I mean a lot of elite dangerous then like me you might consider the extra cost for oled panel acceptable due to much better blacks.