What's the best face pad for an 8K?

I’d like to upgrade my original 8K face pad. Mine is 14mm thick (the pads vary). It’s about the right thickness, but I’d like to increase the thickness a little bit, to maybe 15 or 16mm. It seems that most face pads are significantly thinner or thicker than that.

This one is expensive, but is the right thickness:
. Amazon.com

I’m sure a lot of y’all have favorites, please share them and mention why you like that particular item. Thanks!


I went with 22mm for the Vive from Ali Express.

They’re a lot softer than the originals so they compress more.

You can also find them in 16 and 18 mm.

Added bonus. There’s venting where the nose is (although You could buy a thin one and cut it to fit the nose area)… :wink:


I still havent found a better face pads for Pimax than the original one included. But I know its a personal thing of course :slight_smile:

How about cutting some velcro straps between the plastics and the face pads? That would add those extra 2-3 millimeters of thickness you are looking for.

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That’s what I did before buying the 22mm foam. Works fine… :wink::+1:

I’m back on the original foam as well.

Once I had the DAS set up well, the stock foam was the one that gave me the best results.

I have the 18mm one from ebay ant it is way better than the pimax original for me

A lot of more confortable


One 5XR owner from the IL-2 forum purchased a set in Aliexpress for VivePro.
Says ideally suited for Pimax:

I bought myself such a set of facial pads


It fit perfectly in size, settled on the thickest one, just a little bit distanced from the lenses and it became just super! [:slight_smile:

Well, for the care of the lenses a great set

I recommend for Pimaks in general :))

I really like the thickness of 10mm my native face pads in my 8K.
But it puts a lot of pressure on my forehead after a half hour of use, a sharp corner, leaving one deep mark.
Therefore, I first tried the faceplate from the OG Vive 10mm.
She sits on my face very well, very comfortable, no more pain in the forehead. But there is a problem, it will badly fit on my 8K, because it is too small, it has to be twisted a little, otherwise the lower ends cover the bottom of the lens.

I made the measurements.
The width of my native faceplate Pimax is 23cm.

And the original foam for OG Vive has a length of 21cm (I saw this in the description on Aliexpress.)
But a VivePro has a very suitable 23cm :clap:

I could not resist and bought this kit on the advice above.:sunglasses:
So the face pad from VIve Pro should be fine :+1:


I’m “ok” with the original 14mm pad, but I think I’d prefer to have a more comfortable texture next to my skin, plus the foam pad is getting compacted and a bit gross, after months of use.

I’ve ordered a 16mm pleather-coated face pad, as recommended above.


i was in doubt of buying these, sounds like a good buy :slight_smile:
hmmz i see 12 mm is max. But it’s a good tip about a vive pro model.


Yes, there are 3 options: 6-10-12mm.

I tried the face pad from Pimax 4K (thickness 16mm).
My vision was distorted from such a thick mask: the vision was strained, the clarity was lost.
Apparently, thin pads for the face are more suitable for me. Therefore, this kit for VivePro I was very satisfied with the thickness :wink:
When I try them, I will write impressions.

By the way, here’s how the difference on OGvsPro is shown on the order page:


I have an 11mm pleather one, but it’s too thin. My original 14mm pad is getting compacted (thinner) and my eyelashes sometimes touch the lenses, so I’d like something a little thicker to avoid that. I don’t want to add more thickness than absolutely necessary, because moving the headset further away introduces distortion (for me).

Yes, I could just add a layer of Velcro to thicken it, but I’d like something that feels nicer on the skin, hence this thread.

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I went the same route. Ends up buying 5 in case they break at the seams like my previous 16mm thick face pad I previously bought which got ripped after trying it out for a short time (there’s a theme going here … breaking at the seams … Chinese …).

But the 22mm, I must say, is a must have. Normally you have to wiggle the headset to get to the sweet spot, I find that using this face pad, I cut down the time by a lot. Most of the time I just put it on and I’m already at the sweet viewing spot. Highly recommended.


By the way, I myself am not very pleasant lining of the leather on the face …
And I liked the soft material of the standard lining PImax very much … But it pushes through my forehead half an hour before the unpleasant sensations :japanese_goblin:

Therefore, while I chose to use leather from VivePro :sunglasses:

Later, maybe I’ll try some rag from VR Cover:

But she seems very fat.

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ah oke, with me it was the other way around, i’m getting terrible distortions with the origenal 11mm and it was fixed for the most part with a ticker 18mm pad. its an OG vive one and indeed to small so i have to stretch it, its not ideal. I hope i can find a thicker vive pro one


I have 4 of them, after reading about the bad quality of others (bought three different sizes incl. 22mm, then three more 22mm)

Still using the first one for months though… :wink:

Highly recommended… :+1:

EDIT: I think they we’re called “Craite”
EDIT2: Nope, it was “Claite”:

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Which one? There were many reports that the HMDS were shipped with very different pads during KS batches. Guess u got lucky.
My pad is a mess

At the moment i use a 6mm memory foam cover from HTC vive .


Yes, that’s the same seller I bought my 22mm face cushion from. Pretty responsive as well compared to other sellers on AliExpress.Very very recommended!