Whats is the Difference Between Pitool V284 vs

Hello. @PimaxQuorra @PimaxUSA @hammerhead_gal

I was Just wondering if anyone’s done any tests on what is better for performance/optimizations.
or which is more stable…ect

I also want to know what is the current Version of pitool that it has built in for V1.7.0.02 of the pimax Client(kinda interested in this)

Wanted to know if its best to stick with V284 of pitool
or use the client basically.

I have a 5K+ And a 8K X(which i will be mainly using soon).

my specs:
CPU: Intel 10900k OC 5.1ghz
GPU: MSI seahawk 2080 OC.
RAM: 32GB DDR4 4133mhz
OS: W10




SO, no input on this matter.

About pimax client being better or anything.
or what version of pitool it uses?

no one?

edit, sorry, I misunderstood what you ask, so I wrote my best:

  1. If works for you, then use pitool 270, it has the fastest lock, and is pretty stable.
  2. If you need compulsive smooth or if you need overview from XR Toolkit, then pitool 284.
  3. If you need games from pimax store, or if you really like to put your username and password every few days to play a game, or if you are enthusiast/mazohist, then use Pimax client. I do not recommend that.

Yea, atm i am using pitool V283 with my 5K+.
And seems to be the best one so far for me.

i keep having issues with V284 where my steamvr will run into a issue randomly and then block pimax.
then i have to unblock it and it just repeats(then when it works some tracking issues)…

i had tried the client so far, and could not tell what is better.
and was wondering if anyone done tests or not.

i mainly play Pavlov or Vrchat.
along with some VR mods like for Valheim.


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