What's current best way of capturing Pimax eyes output?

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Recently I tried to use steam vr capture and it failed to mix 2 eyes into one. Was there any success with custom Pimax per-eye capture/mixing or was there any steam capture success?

Hm. I don’t think there is a way to merge both eyes into one image so far.
I use the nvidia recorder and it won’t combine the two views either. It will record them as side by side tear drop images if parallel projection is on or as two rectangles if not. Or you can choose which eye view to display.
I wish somebody would create a VR recorder that could combine the views in a recording- even if it did it as a video post task.

You can manually combine 2 eyes with smooth line using transparency masks in OBS easily if you have 2 eyes captured.
What I wanted to know if there’s any better way to capture than steam vr capture which halves framerate for non-index headsets (and is currently in a broken state for me, which can’t be properly used)

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