What would you like to see "tested" by the beta testers and first-recipients and reviewers?

Given comments on several other threads I thought I’d ask simply:

What would you like to see tested before you buy the Crystal?

Any particular apps, games, features, functions or specs?

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MSFS 2020, Assetto Corsa, Project Cars 2, Fallout 4 VR.

Edit: PC2 and FO4 need PP so it would be interesting to see how well they run on the Crystal compared to the 8KX, but it would be interesting to see how just about anything runs on it :+1:

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The Wifi6e playing Alyx at 160hz smooth.

Beat Saber play competitively for 3 hours straight with no glitches.

At least one high profile Stand-alone game from the Pimax stand-alone store.

Alien Isolation with local dimming on.


Come and join the fun. Get a person who has no experience with pimax headsets and let him or her carry out the first commissioning of the Crystal. and collect their impressions.




Visual acuity.
Geometric verity.


Since Ben from Road to VR mentioned the possibility of persistence issues, I would like the testers to thoroughly check the headset with all the tests from blairbusters.com, specifically the ghosting test.

Pimax would do well to contact Mark rehjon the chief blur buster, and have him help tune the backlight on the LCD.


Is there a tool for testing blut there on the site? Very crowded site…

Someone who is sensitive to distortion should really try and see if everything is geometrically stable. And obvious tests are of course Risa’s and ROV test tool regarding FoV. Also would love to hear reports on eye strain after long use (several hours).



I wanted test:

-Mfs 2020
-Il2 Battle Of Stalingrad

Thank’s all .

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I will certainly test each of those. I use PimaxXR whenever possible, and I’ll be happy to report what I find.

It also occurs to me to try Elite Dangerous (Horizons or Odyssey) as the “inky blacks” of the Crystal will truly be tested well in that particular game. - Into The Black!


I would appreciate if you can give your impressions on the stereo overlap & how three-dimensional the objects appear to you and if you see anything odd with the convergence in general.

And as @Djonko mentioned, the eye strain as compared to other (non-Pimax) headsets you may be using. Do you notice any difference at all? And is it already noticeable after say 5 or 20 minutes, or only after extended usage?


I would like to know how is long range spotting (1 pixel spotting) in Il-2 outside of 10km bubble. And if possible in comparision with 8kx.

I know identification and spot in 10km bubble will be great. But outside is only 1 pixel rendered, will it be visible or not?


If they use the same as during the road shows, there isn’t much to test for you. There was no light leaking into the headset, so it was pitch black in there, and I couldn’t tell where the screen stopped and the housing began.


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Me too I Hope over 10km In IL2 Bob :+1:t2::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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