What will the testers say ? Poll to kill some time

Which of the HMD’s will be the favorite of the Testers ?

  • 8k
  • 5k+
  • Vive Pro
  • Oculus Rift

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SweViver will say the one you want depends on your needs, and that there’s no clear winner.

mixedrealityTV will recommend the 5K+ over the 8K since it’s more elegant design for what it does, and to hold out for better headsets if you’re looking for less SDE.

VoodooDE Will recommend the 8K since the graphics have a more polished look, less SDE is more immersive and 8K represents the best that’s available.


I’m expecting them to say 5k+ unless you have a 1080 or more. Maybe it could be 1080Ti or more. If they recommend 5k+ for people with 1080Ti, then the question will be should anyone get the 8k?


And i will recommend to step in to the time machine and move forward to the date where 8k-x and new graphic cards will be released :smiley:


Police box or phone booth? :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:

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Dude I guess you called it lol

Which tester hasn’t already answered this question? Unless of course you mean the 100 people who will be receiving their HMD in the next couple of weeks… and if it’s those people… they’ll chose the unit they receive! Most people will only receive the 5K+ or 8K… so they can’t really say they prefer the other without ever trying it.

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Look at the topic date

Dude, necroposting is a bad thing, normally you could get punished for this

Close that outdated topic…

Come on there is always one :point_up:

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I could get punished for posting on a forum ?
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I just looked back at the topic and found it interesting that @burstingtops called the reaction so precise.

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hold you horses there Nostradamus.

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Yeah this is an old poll. Closing it now.

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