What to do with my new Pimax?

Just got my preordered 5k+ and I am not up to date with VR stuff.
Has anyone suggestions what games are “hot” and are amazing with the Pimax?

many good games out there, but I recommend you to start with “Arizona Sunshine” & “Lone Echo”. and so much more :slight_smile: enjoy

What’s your PC like? If you like sims/simcades Elite: Dangerous is on sale, on Steam right now and WarThunder is free to play.

What are you guys doing? You’re going to get steppbaar hurling on day one and he’ll end up traumatized.

No, always start with something slow paced and build your VR legs. Superhot VR, educational titles like Apollo 11 VR are two great titles to start off with to get yourself acclimated to VR.

Not sure what your setup is like but if you have Vive stuff then always go with VR Labs. Once you’re used to it, you can go with whatever free games (there are tons of them) you’d like to try out to see what sort of gameplay suits you best. Then come back to us with suggestion on what is (arguably) the best game in each genre and play style.

Congrats and welcome to the virtual world.


my first game was Arizona Sunshine and had no problems

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Skyrim. Modded if you can be bothered.


If you like to roam unknown planets and figure out small puzzles, and explore then The Solus Project is cool. Space Pirate Trainer is good for blasting ufo’s. Download Senza Peso for free at Steam and enjoy a cool ride and awesome graphics. If you want to get dropped from a plane on an island with 40 others and find guns and blast each other away then Stand Out is good for that. I freaking love Battlezone, driving tanks and blasting other tanks and ufo’s and doing odd tasks!

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Better question before making game suggestions. Do you have Lighthouse & VR controllers like Vive Wands?

If not we will need to list some great seated experiences.


Fair point.


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Elite dangerous for space combat cockpit style
Skyrim VR with mods for your fantasy open world type game
Subnautica with mods, there’s a mod to fix some issues it had with VR
Doom VFR

Arizona Sunshine just to play to the end as it the game I play at the VR “cafe” I can go to rent time on the VivePro HMD’s

These are the ones I am most looking forwards to when I get my HMD.


I’ll admit up front that I’m biased. I bought my 8K specifically to play Elite Dangerous, which is great in VR.

However, ED is absolutely not a game that everyone will enjoy. It’s a seated game, it’s quite complicated, and takes a lot of time and dedication to fully appreciate it. Typically, it’s a game that you’ll love or hate.

If the idea of flying a spaceship around an entire galaxy with (literally) billions of star systems you can explore, and setting your own goals is appealing, you should consider it. If you like games that hold your hand and have obvious well-scripted quests, ED is not for you.

This funny video actually sums it up well (nsfw):



If you want something that offers a showcase of immersive experience that really make the 5K+ shine you can’t go wrong with The Lab and also Summer Funland.


Without motion controllers - Elite Dangerous & Skyrim VR are both great and work well with Xbox One controller. Pinball FX2 VR is also nice if you are into pinball at all.


I do like Pinball FX2 VR. I used to play the sh#t outta that Mars pinball game on the PS4. I like the action on the Zen pinball tables

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Hello guys, lucky guis to get this Headset
if u never play in vr, i can suggest to stry the SteamVR stuff

SteamVR labs
SteamVR environnement

it’s free and realy cool to see to learn the base of VR

after that, i can just suggest u using BigScreen VR to see Video on the big uge cinema :slight_smile:

after that u will have the base to play some realy good games :slight_smile:

BeatSaber and see u later to other sugest :wink: