What the heck is this new 5KOLED kickstarter HMD?

Looks scammy.


it’s only for watching movies

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I found the idea with the DLP projection in the Avegant glyph very interesting. Unfortunately, the development after version one fell asleep.


Pricey but definitely an improvement over the v1 that pretty much required an Arm to help support the weight.

As long as you recognize that it really isn’t meant for VR like experiences it could be quite nice with the oled screens. For watching movies as it says it has BluRay video support will give it an edge for movies.

Though other than Picture quality with oled colors one might be better to get an 8k+ or 8kX. It does have the benefit though as being used as a peripheral vs requiring a pc.

For me? I would consider DreamGlass as it has similar benefits and AR use. Just at lower Res (4k at 18:9) at 90° FoV.

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curious where they got their panel though. but yeah, looks like a narrow fov high definition headset, not sure there even exist an rgb oled with that resolution.

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With it being compressed to 66° FoV likely wouldn’t need RGB stripe.

66 degrees FOV, lol what a joke. The way the headset is designed just looks kind of silly. The whole weight of the headset on your ears must be uncomfortable.

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“dual 2.5K micro-OLED” interesting, 1440p displays. either the resolution wont be that high, or they turn them 90 degrees for a narrow field high res experience. but that would be a “3k” headset and it doesn’t look like it… so not great resolution.

Nice find, it looks fun as a gift to someone especially with the Wi-Fi to stream movies like a mobile phone can or even plug HDMI into on the higher spec model. Maybe great if you have kids and take them on long journeys in the back of the family car?

My only concern would be ligh bleed as the ‘glasses’ don’t seem to have a shroud to press up against your face (to cut the light out) which unless you wear it in total darkness, may be overtly distracting.

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A nearly Design as the Glyph. You can find enouth comfort reviews ^^

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I will say, I like the diopter adjustment feature. That’s something that would be great to have in all VR headsets so that people won’t need glasses or special prescription lens adapters.

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It’s not marketed to be a vr headset. By compressing the FoV it gives a high level benefit to movie watching.

10000 $ kickstarter seems ridiculous low for something this complicated, unless they’re just using kickstarter as a preorder platform.

Tbh imho the Dreamglass looks more interesting. While not Oled it is cheaper and has similiar Arm cpu/gpu spec if not the same and has more usage options. Though you may need your own audio.

KatVR though seems to be using KS more as a pre order platform

I’m glad I didn’t back their kickstarter. Their Kat Walk C is so overhyped by folks like Thrillseeker. I bet it feels just like using Cybershoes but standing. And I honestly don’t like my Cybershoes. I should sell them.

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Tbh the Katloco really isn’t that bad. Imho WalkVR has some definite benefits. With KatVR you know they will deliver with only a few delays va long delays.

However I am more interested in @MarcoBalletta’s open project.

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I was referring to the Kat Walk C. Anyway sorry for taking this thread offtopic.

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reminds me of psvr’s predecessor.

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I’m sure you’d get a lot of people thinking you were wearing your headphones in front of your eyes the wrong way.

battery life must be a concern.

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i don’t know, this could be on the next episode of “KickScammers”