What set best to buy for full experience?

Hi. I’m waiting for the controllers and lighthouses. I read somewhere that maybe they’re not coming at all, never mind if that’s true or not - is there anything that doesn’t work with pimax, in case I become too impatient and want to try picking up some other brand second hand?

Edit: Thanks for any help.


With a used Vive Kit you have the “full experience”
Knuckles should also work but they have probs at the moment…

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Controllers are coming but no timeline has been established. Earliest guess at least Trackpad Sword no sense maybe late July. LHes might be available around then maybe (Valve has ramped up production & may be able to ship OEMs modules soon for rebranding).

At present a used Vive setup like @nukular has said will work. Just keep in mind Og Vive wands are only compatible with v1.0 LHes.

@PimaxUSA has said they are discusing things with Valve to fix Knuckles & they are aiming for next pitool to have it fixed up. (There is a thread with possible work around fix - needs to be tested)

Index, Vive Pro & Pimax use v2.0 tracking & can be used with either v1.0 LHes or v2.0 LHes. V2.0 LHes can only be used with V2.0 Tracking accessories.


As you said no timeline yet but controllers won’t be available in July.


yes, as usual we will have to rely not on pimax but a 3rd party in order to try to have a proper VR experience.

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Why I said maybe earliest for the basic edition. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

Hopefully won’t be too long after Valve release with the Basic Edition Sword.

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I have not seen a test nor an annoucment that Sweviver will get them for testing… And then after the test they could be mass produced and then shipped.

If I had to make a wild guess… October or later…


Well it does make one wonder why it was said good things coming this summer by both Sweviver & PimaxUSA.


… from other vendors? :grinning:


Hope it is the consumer Xtal…dreaming is cheap… :smile:

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VodooDE made an interesting comment on the consumer XTAL…
“Es ist nicht alles Gold was glänzt” … “All that glitters is not gold”…

I wonder what that means…

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Thanks for the info people. I heard something didn’t work anymore. So was the facebook thing. Vive is safe to supplement the experience at the moment but is a bit outdated, 1.0 - ok. I’ll try to keep waiting. I don’t really want to spend loads of money on outdated tech after already putting down on pimax controllers.

It’s a shame pimax is in the situation they are, enthusiast absoulutely. Plenty of problems involved that the consumer ought to be aware of but aren’t. Either way if people were aware and accepted of the status, or just informed of the fact that their technology is not fully formed would be better than what’s actually happening.

I said in other threads, I’m grateful that pimax has tried to push vr forward and without the big fov I wouldn’t have joined in, personally. But they are seriously hurting themselves when there’s other companies offering the whole package as one, delivered, and they’re selling things that don’t exist at the moment on their website, and there’s zero info from them on when that buyable non existant gear might actually exist.

I am not especially impatient, only that I know it’s not a good thing for them to keep silent nor put a warning up to potential buyers…

Yeah. Thanks for the info.


I hear you there. The good thing though with Lighthouses version 1.0 can be used with both accesories. There also good for permnament setups.

Lighthouse v2.0 key benefits are setting up larger playspace & LHes don’t need to see one another. Drawback is not compatible with v1.0 anything. So if Vive puck v1.0 sells cheap it’s no good with LH v2.0.

No one really forseen Valve was not up for the LH v2.0 demmand & thus shortages. Delays on other items is a definite minus at this time. Ultra Haptics buying out Leap Motion has been said to be a good thing. But only time will yield results.

Hopefully things start going full Steam ahead with Valves open fully. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

I really garbled english in that last post I respect your ability to decode it.

IMO they really need to get customer service sorted out asap. The benefit of a quick I hear you, will get on it asap, regardless of how long getting on it actually takes, is worth a thousand look at that sand grain… I wish pimax would answer…

It seems like from your post I don’t have any special bonus from LH 2.0. Still though sort your arse out pimax. Don’t forget it’s not over just making the biggest fov headset of all time. You gotta market it and deliver on these extras (extras) lol that people are waiting for from you , that others are and have been enjoying for years. So there. Get on with it


oh boy :rofl::rofl::beer:

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Sent back the XR, I wasn’t meant to have it but happened to experience it for a couple months while I debated whether to send it back or not. Waiting for the 5k+. How long we will see lol I am not holding my breath. Hope I am not too disappointed

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