What Pimax Needs More than Anything

Seriously after all this time what i have concluded is Pimax needs more than anything else is to hire a whole crew of employee’s who understand and comprehend and are fluent in the english language. It is almost a joke to read some of their responses. In my humble opinion it appears the Chinese home of Pimax do not read this forum and in my honest opinion they do not care what is written here and often do not even know what was written in this forum. All your past commentary here has fallen on deaf ears it would seem. I am a long time supporter of Pimax having backed both the 8k and the 8kX and althouth they are great HMD’s the company doesn’t know anything about my opinion or advices i have given here in the past. I had hoped they would succeed as i am a strong proponent of wide FOV and human FOV it is and will be the ultimate goal imho whoever achieves this on a consumer level first will win plain and simple. So heads up Pimax get to hiring some Fluent English Speakers who can communicate with the rest of the world and not hide behind the Chinese Wall.


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