What kind of controller do I need?

I have a 8KX who I have only used sitting in my racing chair driving in Assetto Corsa Now I am thinking of try another game like running around in a landskap, So the question is what do I need for virtuel moving and sitting in my racing chair? Is this someting to use: HTC Vive Controller 2018?

If you mean your thinking on playing standing or Roomacale games.

You will need Lighthouses of course. If you have Lighthouse v2.0 then your restricted to:

  1. Vive Wanda v2.0
  2. Pimax Swords
  3. Index Controllers

If you have Lighthouse v1.0 you can use any of the above and og vive wands.


So Vive Controller 2018 is not usable. This is the only controller who is in stock here in Norway.

Vive Controller 2018 (more commonly known as Vive Wands) would be usable in your setup, but I would not recommend them. They are largely obsolete for modern VR games and are generally considered the worst controllers on the market.

What you should get are the Valve Index Controllers. These are available separately and are compatible with your setup. They are both the standard for basestation tracked controllers and the best controllers currently available on the market.

From what you’re saying, the Index controllers may be more difficult to get in Norway, but they are still the right choice.

OK, tank’s I think I have to go for Vive Wands until it wil be possible to get Valve Index.

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One thing to check is if you can even buy a set of Index controllers. I have been waiting months for them to come in to stock to replace my broken one. The only way i can get one right now would be to buy a complete Index kit,


You just have to ensure the controllers are compatible with the LHes your using. LH v1.0 any controller. LH v2.0 only SteamVR v2.0 tracking.

As for preference that is individual. If you have an opportunity to try any and all it is worthwhile vs going by ppl’s preferencial bias.

Tank you, I have LH V1.0.

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My Vive wands were relegated to the ends of a broomstick (homemade kayak paddle) as soon as Index arrived. I am not happy with the mini-stick issues given the IC’s price but allegedly this is much improved in current gen. As it stands, I come from Oculus Touch which i would gladly buy if a Lighthouse version was available, so I will buy another set of ICs, because for all the games i play with motion controllers they have no equal in SVR and are a great replacement for Touch when playing many Oculus titles.

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