What is your list of best Non VR games that are cool to play in VR using vorpx or similar softwares?

What is your list of best Non VR games that are cool to play in VR using vorpx or similar softwares?


Not sure about Vorpx, but Doom 3 BFG, and Alien Isolation have amazing VR mods.

GTA V used to have a working mod, but it was disabled, so you should try GTA V with vorpx, I hear its pretty good.

There was a recent Jurassic Park experience made in UE4? I hear its cool, though not perfect, in VR.


VorpX is pretty cool and in my opinion far better than tridef.
Also because it has a neat list of preconfigured games.

I tried to get For Honor working, even making my own config but without success.
In general I would say that games that are round based work best, like MK2 and games that a more of a seated experience + controller. Which does not mean that trying some of the others aint fun for experience sake.

Games like GTA work but are very demanding (to man and machine) and I’m sure that even SWE would not have the VRlegs to play the whole game with VorpX. It is really fun though to try it.

Games that were “cool” but as I said impossible to play through:

XCOM (one of my fav game series ever since its beginning)

Games that were “cool” and satisfying because of beeing round based:
Killing Floor2
Mortal Kombat X

There are more but those were the ones that I found most memorable.

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Thank you guys!

I am interested in any game that was not meant for VR but that somehow can be played in VR via mod or via a program or else and that it worth trying .

With the walkovr solution or with openvr walk in place driver , I think that it is possible to use some sort of walk in place motion solution to some of the non native vr games.

I wish that also the kat walk mini would give the possibility to move in these non native vr games. I think that for alien the kat walk mini for example would work

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Skyrim with 13 graphics mods including 2K textures. It’s the only Vorpx game I feel translates well enough, so far, but boy does it, It was worth the price of Vorpx all by itself. I will admit I have a 1080ti or I likely wouldn’t get away with all the mods.

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Fallout 3/4/ Skyrim, played FarCry Primal all the way through. This alone is a great experience! Even only in z-buffer 3d, because of shadow and performance issues in geometry 3d.

Before enjoyed the borderland series (all three) in g3d in coop.

Mass-Effect 1/2/Andromeda, RedFaction-Series, Dishonored are some more titles I enjoyed.

I think this piece of software is great but of course you should be ready to invest some time in vorpx to get used to it and to find your individual settings

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I love horror games and scifi games and adventure games.

I have found this interesting link with a list of games based on game type.

There are so many non native vr games that I would love to play in vr.

Bioshock. Feel free to skip to interesting parts.
I love the weird and creepy environment. It is both awkward and thrilling.


Love it!

Thanks for sharing !