What is TweakTown and why are they so awesome at covering Pimax?

Pimax is testing an experimental virtual desktop mode | TweakTown

I keep seeing very positive articles for Pimax coming out of Tweak Town. He seems to be way too knowledgeable about Pimax activity than your average Media Outlet ( looking at you UploadVR)

Is tweaktown even a site anyone knows of? I only seem to get buzz of their reviews whenever Pimax does something good. (which is probably why I only see articles posted by him twice a year :kissing:

I feel this guy must be a forum member.
.I wonder who…so I can buy him a virtual beer :beers:

@SweViver I thought that this Pimax VD was a secret how did the news get a hold of this day one? I think we have an “Imposter among Us”



For me, it is nice to see our work is covered in the news positively, even though there is no mention of a 3rd-party development on the PE.

I noticed the author of these articles (the user name) is also present in the forum.

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Don’t worry your contribution is fully appreciated around here