What is the status on base station/controllers sent to backers?

I don’t keep up with this stuff nor do I ever receive updates via email anymore but it sucks that I have the HMD but no way to use it so it’s still in the box. I was wondering what the last update was regarding the trackers/controller?

Obviously after waiting over a year for hmd, i’d hate to wait the rest of this year or longer just to use it now that Sony and Valve is releasing new VR units soon.

At last post possibly q3 maybe sooner or q4.

As for use there are a ton of seated experiences to enjoy in the meantime. (I am in the same boat)

Valve’s announcement is likely good news as it implies Valve is finally ready to stop screwing over v2.0 LH supply and explains why the shortage as Valve has obviously hording them for they May Headset release.

Cant play seated games either without tracking.

Yes you can. I do so daily. The headset supports rotational tracking & look up & down without LHes.

Solus Project
Vox Machinae
Starfighter CDF
Elite Dangerous
Project Cars 1+2



You’re crazy my friend! There’s lots of stuff you can do! Helio gave you a bunch of tips, but I bet even watching movies is a hell of an experience!
My HMD should appear at my doorstep tomorrow (gawd willing), and I know the first game I’m playing after setup will be Elite Dangerous. Ooooh moma! No base stations or controllers needed.

Edit- besides: it’s Valve’s fault we dont have any base stations! They’ve been holding on to them so far. We’re hoping this news of their own HMD will be the end of that.

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I don’t understand what you said, but you should be able to play games you bought in the Oculus store

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From what others have said pitool after install should add your oculus titles aut9matically.

If you use Norton you may need to disable AV for inatall. For peace of mind disconnect from internet & disable AV & install.

I don’t have those games. Either way, it’s like trying to use Oculus without the camera but I’ll have to wait until I have a base station. Mine doesn’t do anything without it, does no good if I can’t look around.

You can look around. You just can’t lean.

Heliosurge What do you use, keyboard, mouse, xbox controller, in order to play ED? Last night I had ED to work “sorted” up to the main menu but got stuck there. I was not able to use any input to start, no mouse , key board or xbox controller was working. I also have thrustmaster hotas.


I haven’t explored ED myself yet.

I have generally been using Xb1 Afterglow wired controller ir Steamcontroller in games.

@neal_white_iii @Enopho @karrtoon & i think @dogbite are ED gamers. I know there are more out there. Not sure if @LukeB plays ED but believe he uses Hotas.

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I use a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick and throttle mostly, with occasional keyboard and mouse. I bought a Logitech/Saitek X52 HOTAS yesterday, but I haven’t had a chance to use it yet. It should arrive tomorrow.

As to missing input, make sure the ED mirrored game window has input focus (if you can move the mouse outside of the game’s window on your desktop, move the mouse cursor inside the window and click). Sometimes, my joystick isn’t detected in ED and I have to exit the game and restart it.

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I play ED on an original Saitek HOTAS and Elite Rudders but I also use my mouse and a throttle hat for the galaxy/system maps (which I still map x/y movement to a pov to and typing on my backlit heyboard).
I only use my Vive wands for Skyrim, Fallout 4 and Rush as they are crap. I use my Xbox controller for Subnatica because it doesn’t support motion controllers. I drive with a Logitec Momo wheel (ancient but it is still great.
Pretty much all the Oculus games I still play, I play on my Rift again, because Touch is sublime. I hate wands because of touchpads and the angle being wrong in some games like Arizona Sunshine,
As you can see by the amount of controllers I have, I am a gamer.

I only bought a used Vive some time back only for the bases and controllers and used it once to verify those worked.

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I use a combination of hotas (t flight x) cheapest hotas available and voice attack so I never have to take my hands off the hotas and don’t need to ever see keyboard. Anything I haven’t bound to my hotas I use voice attack… Makes it even more immersive.


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