What is the delay?


in general i am a patient person… but on 31/5 you announced the shipment of the beta testing headsets…

We are at 13/6 now, what is the delay, i’d like to hear some results?


Why, they have announced three beta testers who have received the M1 in the meantime.

I hope you are not looking for results of the beta testing being announced and call that delayed - then you would just show that you really did not pay attention on the way the closed beta works…


call what delayed… i have never complained about the timeline… there is a difference between not meeting your target and unnecessary waiting…

it has been 2 weeks, there is no reason to wait any longer, plenty of time for them to tested the headsets… it is time for the results/reviews to be shown

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They’ve already sent the Beta Testings Headsets, but not all the testers have received the unit.

And for the results of the beta, until the NDA finish they can not share any information about it.


Although we would all like that, it would be bad business.

A) Not all testers have the M1 confirmed yet. No idea why.
B) It would not be fair to the remaining testers if some release info now, that’s why its a closed beta.
C) Pimax need time to look at what the testers send in, process it and be ready to answer questions about it.

Personally I would expect another 3 week delay of test results and the followup discussions.


that is just insulting…

It is business. (edited). Delays happen. Maybe my prediction will be halved. I always double what I think so then I am not impatient when it doesn’t happen :slight_smile:


Assuming they didn’t all receive them yet, it could be because of customs delays.


So you consider unpaid beta testers taking a reasonable amount of time to test a new product on top of their own valuable time insulting?

If you find my lack of sympathy for your point of view insulting, then you can be insulted about that too.

I’d be happier if we had about 20 to 30 beta testers and go through an additional two months of beta testing to get a quality product. I wouldn’t mind waiting six months if it means I get a high quality product.

Edit: Hopper made their stance more clear… I still don’t agree that it is insulting. Global shipping takes time and I still don’t have any sympathy.


Once all of the testers have their units, I would expect about 10-14 days of round 1 of the testing, i.e. thorough tests and reports of findings with an initial round of discussion between Pimax and testers. If everything is fine and nothing noteworthy was found, then indeed one could have hoped for a result after two weeks. However, if there are issues to be discussed, which we know from MRTV there apparently are, then get ready for more iterations of Pimax suggestions & hot fixes, beta testers reporting on improvements etc… The length of this process is not really clear in such case, because it depends on how many iterations make sense, how much can be addressed remotely.

Not sure what you thought how that process would go.


I dont mind any future iterations at all, i am just saying it is taking a hell of a time for shipping these things… if you look at those shipping manifests there is no reason why there is still no news…

2 weeks have passed, suggesting another 3 weeks should pass until we get to hear reviews is in my opinion overdone…

it is understandable all the reviewers want to be given the same chance to release their review, but a review should not be up for moderation by pimax… also, they can have their internal discussion on the results after the reviews…

That is a pretty ridiculous time frame, although probably what we will see. They made 15m + 4m. They could have SPENT a little to expedite the shipping or hired in house 3rd party testers if they were concerned about time. :). I personally dont give a hoot anymore. It is what it is. edit: I guess in one way I care… my wife and I are closing on a house next month so I will likely have to go through the change address hassle and then hope the whole time the change is done correct on pimax side… will likely have that worry until it is delivered

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Considering that they used DHL, some of the testers must be on the moon, this or not all the headsets were send 2 weeks ago.

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  1. The HMDs shipped two weeks ago from China. Three of the testers have received them so far, the rest will still be in transit or held up in customs services of each destination (one package I ordered from the USA took just four days to get to the UK, then two weeks to pass through customs).

  2. These HMDs are NOT for review, they are for testing, so there will be no posted reviews of them unless Pimax say otherwise, that’s the purpose of an NDA. These are beta HMDs and not necessarily the final version.

  3. Patience - A lot of people on here need to get some.


one package I ordered from the USA took just four days to get to the UK, then two weeks to pass through customs.

With DHL?

Who says they dont have any. We are going on 1 year since ks ended , yes ?. I hate it when someone results to derogatory crap to try to make a point. Obviously some are more patient than others, some care more than others. Some may not care at all. How much they care etc, is reflected in how often they post or have a concern or complaint. A year is a long time for most, doesnt mean they are impatient children.

True, but once the NDA is lifted im sure there will be information made available.

I would hope Pimax does not wait a month for a few held up test units to reach a tester or two… They kept over half the test units for themselves and others so it is not as though they are unable to continue internal testing as well. That would be … silly

Only three of the testers have received it and one very recently.


There was a story in the news some weeks ago, it was about a woman who just received a letter sent by a soldier who died during ww2, so be patient guys.


lol, great point! I’m amazed at the lack of patients. We’re not waiting for a cancer diagnosis guys, it’s a VR headset - they’ll get there.

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