What is the best/easiest way to retrieve lost Oculus rides & games?

I seem to have “lost” various games & rides that I had been playing on the Oculus before switching over to Pimax5K. I currently have only I’ll-2 Battle of Stalingrad through Steam.I’d like to have these old “games “ back as I had paid for several of them along with many that were free through Oculus.Is there a way to find them again & download them to function with Pimax? I haven’t seen the kind or variety of VR games through Steam &7 I don’t think Pimax even offers such downloads? Perhaps this question has already been asked & answered but I haven’t been able to find it so far…Thanks!

As far as I know you should be able to log in to Oculus Home & install any games you had there.

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Do you have any idea how to transfer them to Pimax Pitool or perhaps Steam?

Haven’t done it. But if it doesn’t detect them. You may need to import if you want to launch from pitool.

Need to reinstall Oculus Home.

I think @dogbite might be an Oculus pimax user.

Pitool detected most my Oculus titles first time I ever installed it I think, but some you might have to import manually. Just select import and browse for the game’s exe (Oculus or Steam or Indie). Not every game will launch from Pitool but a lot do, especially Oculus games. Their are some I still play on the Rift just because of Touch.

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Ok I did all suggested:logged in to my old Oculus Account( couldn’t do any thing more without the headset that i sold sometime ago…) downloaded & installed Revive. Logged into Steam & updated same.Now that i am here I’m not sure what to do next to get the old games back? I could download a couple of free games( Blitz on Berlin,it works but a bit dark( maybe Pitool could help with this?) a Roller Coaster sim that is frozen upon opening and another sim that requires hand controllers,so a no-go with Pimax,) all through the Steam Store,but my old rides 7 games are no where to be seen…So ideas?

I only downloaded free games on Oculus; but you should be able to install anyrhing purchased.

Some games you may need revive but most should work through pitool.