What happened to what was offered in the V3 version?


What happened to what was offered in the V3 version?

since our OMG partner
tested the V3 model on October 28, 2017 after testing the V2 version days before.

Many of Spain became backers thanks to their impressions with the V3 version.

Many effects Wow.
1- flyidez

2- no image distortion

3- very little screendor effect

etc etc…

attached link in Spanish of your impressions:

And an English version too:

Why are we worse now than before?
I do not understand that almost one year later the M1 model has as many possible errors as those that have been commented on in the forum.

I hope they rectify and can take the best of the V3 version to really be able to offer a quality viewer.

They showed an almost functional V3 viewer and now we’re worse? It is something we do not understand.


Good question. They change lens, they had to change all algorithms from the beginning, maybe?


There is a saying that says: rectify is wise!

Why not look back at that point where everything seemed to work?

I remenber something about lens, the lens was made by hand, after v3, the lens are made by machines for massive distribution.

i have a little problems to understand english, maybe i get missunderstanding


so then…
if the problem is supposed to be in the lens.

in the current times … how hard is it to make a replica made by a machine?

I imagine that reducing costs means that they have modified the lens and therefore all these last problems.

sure that the version V3 have it saved, the lens and possibly the components used in the V3 are considered excessive for mass production.

It is my impression.

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A prototype is very different from something which can be manufactured, especially if cost is a concern. No one wants to pay $2000 (or more) for a hand-assembled prototype VR headset. What Pimax is trying to do is provide the best headset they can, at a reasonable price.

  1. It sounds like the “fluidity” issues have been solved, at least if I understand “flyidez” to mean responsiveness to head movement.

  2. All VR headsets have some sort of image distortion, god rays, etc. Pimax is trying to minimize these.

  3. There is very little SDE in the current M1.


I think that you are talking about this article translated from the original Spanish from OMG:

I have added it to the first entry.


Bear in mind what I am going to suggest here is conjecture. Way back when they mentioned only using 80 percent of panel and wanting to use 100. I’m guessing what they were using back then we now call 170 degree mode. Hence why it performed better back then.

Pimax has clearly said that the new lenses will be better than v3 and v5 so I will wait for the NDA to be lifted. I hope there are still no god rays. That’s why I backed the 8k .

they said that v5 was a first prototype after tooling in manufacture, also I thinking that v3 havent 200 fov and they know that we have app to measure this so now huston we have a problem with key feature … let’s hope all issues are fixable , if not then we should ask pimax to prepare v3 for mass production with 80hz ofcourse.

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the Pimax team should know why this step back in its versions V4, V5 and most likely M1

I honestly would seriously consider returning to that starting point of v3.

For writing a supposed example:

I prefer to receive a functional V3 model viewer … 90%. (to say a percentage)

Why send me a 40% Pimax M1

I do not care anymore about the waiting time … what do we do if we receive a viewer with very poor benefits?

the question would be … would you become a sponsor now knowing what is happening and can not know by the NDA?

I hope they stop and think to be able to rectify in time

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Ha ha I nearly chocked on my Ouzo that was so funny .

Pimax may have shown off lenses that they could not hope to ever get mass-produced.

The cost may have been too great and the v3 FOV may have been too low.

Why does Pimax behave as if their NDA also applies to themselves?


Are we certain the current lenses are not as good as the v3 ones ?

I think so.
you just have to read the comments of the omg post regarding the test of the v3 version.

and you will see that since then I do not know anything about version V4 …
that the v5 was a disaster at CES.

and supposedly continues to talk (among other possible performance failures) of formation at the edges of the lens in the current version M1.

unfortunately a time here … I think it has receded.

Be fair here, none of you know anything with 100% accuracy you are all responding as ever on the internet on bullshit and rumours.

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OMG opinions are objective and testing the viewer.

and the leaks of the testers on the m1 version … they do not say much in their favor with respect to the V3 version.

and what more tests do we need when the testers have not yet given the green light to the Pimax m1?

Something paradoxical when someone who tried the version back in October of 2017 threw himself into sponsoring the project by trying a supposedly old version with respect to the current one.

I think it’s time to open our eyes a little and really know where we are now.


We are just like mushrooms kept in the dark and fed **** ,

I always suspected that the hand-made lens would not lend themselves to mass production without some significant issues , maybe I was right , They can surely fix most distortions with software but when you get so many different IPD’s to consider with different view points it must be an almost impossible task , I just hope that my personal IPD is in the sweet zone

I’d like to know how much extra would cost these lenses of v3 made by hand because if it would be 100 or 200 bucks more I’d pay it if it means have the best headset possible without all these problems caused by the lens

I made experiments with old headsets with more expensive lenses, without chromatic aberration, better fov etc and difference was night and day, the problem was calibration, but visual quality was superb

Maybe with a premium version of 8k with hand made better lenses would be a good idea such as there are different versions of screens; 5k and 8k