What eye tracker has the highest chance to go to the backers who qualified for the free stuff?

In my opinion, Adhawk’s eye tracker makes the most sense from a price standpoint. As it’s reportedly very cheap to produce. Around 10$ per eye. Although that could change for reasons. aGlass is pretty expensive. Around 220$ for both eyes. They showed the aGlass eye tracker in the picture they shared a while back. Who do you think they will go with? They have to provide for around 5700 backers (rough estimate after cutting out 5 dollar and up pledges.)

Wow, why is there such a huge difference between those two :open_mouth: ?

Pimax have 3 partners for eye tracking as mentioned in this post:

So I assume they would go with Adhawk if they are aiming for mass adoption.


I only know Aglass and Tobii. Adhawk is new for me.

Here is a Pimax screenshot showing them testing eye tracking.

Adhawk doesn’t use cameras. Although I don’t know if the aGlass does. :thinking:

That’s aGlass. It’s pretty expensive. Especially if they decide to give backers both eye trackers.

Honestly if they’re gonna partner up with them, they might as well integrate it. If it really cost 10 dollars per eye. Although it’ll probably be more if they mass produce. It might help to accelerate foveated rendering support. Not to mention the things are smaller than a grain of rice, so it shouldn’t be hard to add.

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Analysing that pic with eyetracking module… How will you use 8K with those wires going straight to your face??? :sunglasses:

That obviously wouldn’t be the final version. Just another reason to integrate eye tracking.


If only I realised they were setting the scene for their communication back then.
Roughly quoting, ‘we have 3 partners, one of them Aglass and the other one Adhawk.’ :grimacing:


If it has eyetracking that works as it should, I am gonna buy it.
Take my money…

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If you backed the 8k, 5k, or 8k x, you’ll get eye tracking for free.