What exactly will 8KX backers recieve?

I am a 8KX kickstarter backer and am curious what exact configuration will be shipped.

There have been a lot of changes and accessorys added in the past few months and I am unclear what backer accessorys and stretch goal rewards will be included.

I didn’t use any of the upgrade plans or make any changes to my original kickstarter pledge. I only selected the 8KX headset.


8kx, comfort kit, audiostrap (someday).


The standard MAS, not the deluxe version.

After posing the question to support I was adviced that I needed to upgrade it for 100$ if I wanted to receive the deluxe MAS. Which I did.

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Anyone from Pimax care to respond?

Would be nice to have a list of exactly what will be in the box with my 8KX.

8kX VR Headset Comfort Kit Installed
3 in One Cable.
Packing Material

Possible figit spinner. :blush:

MAS or DMAS shipped in Separate Box either with Headset or shipped later.

Backed Extra likely shipped separately.


8KX, the new cable, comfort kit, soft strap and in new box. The MAS will be sent separately when ready, most likely in March.


Sounds good, thank you.

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@SweViver Is there any way I can 100% ensure I get the soft strap? When the MAS does release will the soft strap be included in the 8KX box? I worry that by the time my order comes in the MAS will be out and I won’t get the soft strap at all. Its a big deal for me to be able to comfortably use my own over ear headphones and the soft strap seems to be the best way to do that. If a soft strap can be ensured I may consider a purchase of the 8KX.

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A soft strap will be included, no worries. It would be a bad idea to send any headset without a strap in the box. And believe it or not, there are people who actually still prefers the old strap :slight_smile:


Awesome. Thank you for the response :+1:

whew I can breathe a sigh of relief now haha.


Dude, you can always make a frankenstrap with some ductape and some old underwear. We are enthusiasts!


How did you pay the extra $100?

I was given a link to the shop and Sally provided me with an additional coupon of approx. 120$. So I used that and my 5K+ swap coupon of 100$ which then left me with having to pay 30$ - the shipping costs.

Ok, but what did you buy exactly? Is there a special item for this?

Just a link which I believe is just the regular store item…

Hey @SweViver Thanks to your response, along with the glowing CES impressions and MRTV’s very positive opinion of the 8KX. I went and placed an order for one today. I was not a backer previously, never owned a Pimax before and didn’t do a trade in. Just a regular purchase. Around when can I expect the headset to ship?


Honestly you are probably looking at receiving it in May. If they start mass shipping in March and that’s a big if! Pimax is always late on there estimates. They have only delivered 50 8k+ when they stated shipping starts Dec. 15th, and that was the delayed date from Nov. 15th. If you have better expectations then May you are very likely to be disgruntled and disappointed!


That’s fair. I’ll expect some time around May.

So have those 20 8kx headsets been shipped to backers yet ? Has anyone received one ?

I’m one of the first 20 backers for the kickstarter and I backed the 8KX. I have not gotten any shipping information on the 8KX, I am assuming that those first 20 or so are going to be sent to reviewers and to their partners to build up the enthusiasm to increase sales.

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