What do you want from the Pimax 8k X?

The Pimax 5k+ and the 8k are good, but they each have their own weak points. What are some things that you’d like to see in the 8k X?

I think an Oled panel would be nice. One with an rgb pixel layout would be even better.


Personally i would like to see anything for they have not yet even sent me a 5k so 8K X may too become a clusterfook

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You should check ups my choice if you’re in the US. I never got a tracking email from them, but my 8k arrived on the 1st.

I am in the UK and we were all told there was more than enough to send that were already in the uk a few weeks back so i just dont know the problem as they have about used all the excuses they can give me by now.
All i can do is live in hope still that i get DPD alert saying my 4K BE is being returned to me or my 5K+ or 8k maybe on their way to me

In any case it should have a stronger housing.


I would want them to have someone else to design and build it for them. A new headset…called it 3rd gen - no “please be advised” necessary.

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Oled please…20chars

Full RGB oled would be nice but without panels on the market what are you gonna do.


Well number one I want what I paid the extra for which is extra resolution. Full RGB to give enough sub pixels for it to be unequivocally sharper than 5k+/8k.

Everything other than that is just gravy but I’d love to see an OLED panel as well. I’d be happy to wait a good while longer with my loaner 5k+ (even if it does sparkle) if we got a full RGB Oled panel at the end.

While I’m at it, a strap with forward/back, tilt up/tilt down adjust would be great as well. The 5k+ is so sensitive to the vertical placement and distance from my eyes and really want’s to be at a slightly different angle and further from my face than the face cushion gives. Until I mod the cushion I’m stuck with the inner distortion issue and it would be nice if that was a solved problem by the time 8kx rolled around.

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If they are trying to make it the ultimate gaming headset as VoodooDE said they told him, it would make sense to incorporate some of the add-ons as standard features:

  • deluxe audio strap
  • eye-tracking
  • hand-tracking
  • one cable full 2x4K throughput
  • full RGB subpixel arrangement
  • OLED without larger SDE than 8K

and as a bonus

  • integrated wireless solution

All of that being integrated, while leaving 1/2 USB slots free for additional modules would make it a great headset.

Having said that, especially the wireless solution will be challenging and costly, so I don’t see them making this a standard feature due to pricing competitiveness issues.
On the wet OLED without SDE dream we will just have to wait and see what becomes available in 2019 to a company like Pimax in terms of display technology.

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Most importantly it should be RGB. Anything less than RGB is just not suitable for VR, you need a lot of GPU power that doesn’t translate into a better image.

Distortion and blur free all the way.

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Dream HMD

  • #1 Thing: Fast delivery and production with no QA issues, so people don’t have to wait months after ordering and then have to send it back in.
  • #2 Thing: Awesome Support
  • Native 2 x 4K resolution input with a single cable (Virtual Link?)
  • Highly Colorful and Contrasty OLED panels with great Black Levels with no smearing
  • Non-existant or very very low SDE or with SDE filter (that doesn’t cause blurring)
  • Integrated Eye Tracking that is used for
    • Eye Tracked Foveated Rendering With Auto Adapting Super Sampling (should be able to use Variable Rate Shading to apply dynamic Super Sampling adjustment) so that the HMD can scale with whatever GPU you have.
      • Even if you have a low end GPU it will automatically lower SS resolution and use foveated rendering to target requested framerate while giving high quality to where the eye is looking
      • If you have a high end GPU or a future GPU that you upgrade to later, then it will increase SS to take maximum advantage
      • This is without having to restart PiTool or even the game. Just set desired framerate and it will automatically adjust (Not sure how much of this is possible … but would help a lot with wasting time tweaking things)
    • Automatic IPD and Dynamic Distortion Profile Adjustment automatically reads IPD and uses eye position to dynamcially adjust distortion profile. Then, you can wear it in any position and it will automatically adjust for sharp distortion free image. No need for tedious adjusting HMD to hunt the sweet spot position anymore.
  • Integrated Deluxe Audio Strap should be standard for a premium HMD
  • Monitor-Like Adjustments eg. Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Color Temperature. With User Definable Presets.
  • Price $1,000


  • Hand Tracking
  • Wireless

If they wanted it to be truly ultimate, it’d be nice if they could try increasing the field of view up to 210° like the StarVR headset. It’d be a challenge for the optics, but if they pulled it’d off it’d be pretty awesome.


most of us still use medium FOV on Pimax 5K and 8K, so why would it be worth 210 degrees? We already waste a lot of resolution, with 210 degrees we would waste more and screendoor would increase


mind tracking for lazy days

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