What are you playing right now?

Figured I’d throw up a topic for more general discussion as there’s a good community on here but doesn’t seem to be many casual threads. Maybe I am too nostalgic for late 90s early 00s forums ha. I promise I won’t start one of those old “Post your picture” ones. :stuck_out_tongue:

For me right now it’s Skyrim VR with the Yggdrasil modlist, also been playing Ultimechs.

I actually have never been much of a fan of Skyrim, not a bad game or anything but it never fully pulled me in like other RPGs like Baldur’s Gate, Might and Magic 7 or even Morrowind. That said, when you have a solid modlist together and are in that game in VR, it’s something pretty special. Seeing the mountains in the distance and wanting to make your way there before being mauled by a pack of wolves is a hell of an experience ha. Managing to run it on my 3080 with my 8K X at 75hz solid, could probably do 90 but would have some dips and 75 feels fine to me for the pace of that game. VRPerfkit is a life saver, I have FOV set to normal with radius set to 0.45 (which is actually a huge middle spot on pimax FOV) then sharpening at 70%, the rendering resolution is set to 85%. Looks almost as good as proper native but runs rock solid, usually about 30% headroom on the gpu with it jumping up to 100% at heavy places or poorly optimised etc.

The mods are wild, have one currently that replicates the throwing and returning of a weapon like in Asgard’s Wrath. Being able to use your spell to enchant your weapon on the fly then throw it and pull it back, it feels pretty amazing. Mostly I like just wandering around and seeing what happens.

Ultimechs is great too, free to play so worth trying. I wasn’t expecting much but it’s actually very addictive. Basically rocket league in VR but they made it work for VR well. 1v1 is meh tbh but 2v2 is a lot of fun.

So yeah, what are you playing at the moment?

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I’ve played Skyrim which was heavily modded via Wabbajack and agree it’s quite the experience. My most recent played games are HL2VR, FO4VR (janky but just looks gorgeous in vr), ATS/ETS2, Onward and MSFS. The last 1 is probably my favourite and is the main reason I intend to buy a 4090 (maybe even a new pc?) and a Crystal.

These games run good in my Quest 2 (apart from MSFS) and I can supersample the hell out of them. But i long to experience them in a hmd like the Crystal.

Considering the physical size requirements and the PSU aspect…it does seem like it’s best just to build a new system around it entirely.

I keep trying to get into Onward but it never clicks. Been playing a good bit of Vail actually and really enjoy it, hopefully it will have a healthy player base when it launches. There seem to be so many multiplayer VR games coming out all the time, I do wonder how any of them can survive with current player counts. If they are crossplatform then fair enough, as Quest is at like 15 million units sold now or something, but if it’s PC only like Vail then it’s a tough sell. Although I think they are also launching on PSVR2 so that should help.

Just had a quick look at Vail, looks good.
Yeh i’m leaning towards getting a new pc, I keep changing my mind though! But Zen 4 will be out soon, that’d be nice to have…
Onward is pretty good imo, it can be a bit slower paced than most vr shooters, which suits me. I use a gunstock with it, really helps.

I could be wrong but I think I have been hearing that the 3D cache version of Zen 3 is a better buy, but then again there will be a 3D version of Zen 4 at some stage, also would be nice to have a newer socket that will be supported for longer.

Maybe the 5800X3D is better value but the 7950X performs better (about 10% better in games according to YT vids i’ve watched) plus it the uses the new motherboard architecture, if I buy Zen 3 I won’t be able to upgrade whereas if I go for Zen 4 I’ll be able to upgrade for a few years. Zen 4 3D cache is thought to be releasing 2023 and I want to buy on 12th october 2022 (4090 release date) so i won’t wait.

Yeah, seems like Zen 4 is the way to go. I might get a 5800X3D myself just to get more life out of my current system although right now my 5600X is doing me well and haven’t felt it struggle with anything yet. Excited about AMD’s new cards also.

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I get the sense that if I got a 7950X, I’d be tempted to sacrifice that 10% for the entailing power draw halving… :stuck_out_tongue:

The “game” I play most is VRChat, which curiously is one of the most demanding VR titles to run particularly if you’re in a world with a lot of avatars.

For actual games, I play VR games pretty much exclusively. Flat games lost their interest for me when I got into VR, and I can’t go back.

The games I play currently are:

  • Half Life 2 VR Mod
  • After the Fall
  • Contractors
  • Green Hell VR
  • Walkabout Mini Golf
  • Mothergunship: Forge
  • Blade & Sorcery
  • Compound
  • Into the Radius

For racing sims (I have a whole steering wheel and race seat setup), I run iRacing and Assetto Corsa mainly.

Much of my focus has gone to VR co-op gaming lately. Those titles used to be rare, but more and more are coming out now. And VR co-op with friends is amazing. The interaction in VR puts gaming and socializing on a whole new level.

I used to love Onward. It was my favorite VR FPS, but they ruined the PC version for Quest crossplay. It wasn’t just the visuals that were severely downgraded, it was everything. The game became junk.

I play Contractors VR now which is, in my opinion, currently the best military VR FPS. It’s not as hardcore milsim as Onward was. In that respect it was somewhere between Pavlov and the old Onward, but I feel that since Onward’s implosion, Contractors has edged more in the realistic direction to claim some of that vacuum.

Pavlov has the largest player base, but that game feels aged compared to Contractors. It’s one of the earliest VR titles, and it’s kind of stuck in time despite continuing to receive new updates. Contractors is very modern.

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Exact same here. To the point where I am considering selling my main monitor and just sticking with my 2 typical dell business monitors for work. Hopefully will eventually replace all my monitors with a headset some day not too far off (won’t be the reality line unfortunately, as great as it is I can’t imagine wearing that form factor for 8-10 hours a day ha. Quest Pro seems like too low res still tbh.

Anyway, going off point but yeah I am the same in that I am only interested if a game has VR now pretty much.

Honestly, walkabout mini-golf has been my go to for socializing with friends for a while now. We also sometimes stream on bigscreen and play old point and click adventure games together like Monkey Island. I can’t stand video calls but VR, even with bad avaters like bigscreen, has such better presence and such a strong “social” aspect.

I need to get back to contractors, right now only own it on Quest/Rift store and don’t want to reinstall oculus on my PC and use revive. Might just bite the bullet and get it on steam, seems like the mods are talking off.

I still really enjoy Pavlov for the push game mode, but almost never touch it anymore. Vail is my go to shooter atm.

That game is way more fun than it has any right to be.

I had last tried Contractors like a year ago, and I wasn’t very impressed. But recent developments (and not just the mod support) have really propelled this game more recently. It’s a whole different experience than it was.

Also, the 8KX gives me totally unfair advantages playing it. FOV FTW!

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It was surprise even for me that I so much fell in love with Morrowind in vr (OpenMW VR). After putting 4k textures it is another game :slight_smile: I play it every day.
Beside that, my standard games IL-2 and DCS, and some new, i.e Red matter 2, The wanderer…

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Lol junk is a bit harsh imo! But i know exactly what u mean. Version 1.7 has much better graphics, sound, AI…the whole game was downgraded in v.1.8 for Quest crossplay. You can still play 1.7 (I still do sometimes) but the multiplayer is empty. I tried Contractors a couple of years ago, thought it was ‘ok’, i will try it again.

I realy hate that they downgraded the visuals for the quest(the same happend too onward)… I play contractors along time(and still do sometimes) ,i was even a alpha and beta tester…

Its become a more childish shooter now,with downgrated graphics etc…i miss the old mature pc version alot…

Deep in to Half Life 2 VR. What a treat! Trying to get back to MSFS and DCS thanks to PimaxXR. DR2 is feeling neglected as well. :smiley:

Am I the only one who noticed that the ssao setting in contractors doesnt work since 1 year anymore ? no matter what setting , there is no change in looks

Gras looks very flat :frowning:

No you are right that doesnt work anymore…

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