What are the latest recommended SteamVR settings? PE doesn't use best defaults?

I remember @SweViver recommending 16384 and Advanced SuperSampling Filtering Off for Pimax headsets.

I notice that PE’s default SteamVR profiles for all games uses 8192 and ASSF On.

  1. Am I correct that the only time you’ll get an advantage to update to 16384 is for a profile using Large FOV or high SS? Are those the only situations that would take advantage of 16384? If there are no negatives, is there a reason why it has defaulted back to 8192?

  2. Any reason that Advanced SuperSampling Filtering is now On as default? Otherwise is it worth universally turning it off?



Only if You’re hitting that resolution which I don’t think You will… :wink:

I also thought it had to be off. Weird. Maybe it doesn’t matter?


It was Martin’s recommendation, so I set it for the 5k+. Some large FOV situations definitely suffer without it. If there’s no reason not to set it, I wonder why PE uses 8192?

Ditto my understanding is that Martin said it makes things look worse, so best to turn it off. So again, I wonder why it’s on, unless something has changed? It might be that earlier versions were buggy I suppose.

I found this from a SteamVR post from Dec 2019, so it could introduce additional blur:

[Option to:] “Skip “Advanced Supersampling Filtering” for systems which use their own compositor (e.g. Windows Mixed Reality, Oculus). This fixes some causes of blurriness reported by WMR users.”

Interestingly the plain text version I found by searching names the programmers for each post :slight_smile:



Unless I’m mistaken You’d have to go further than 16k horizontally (per eye) which seems a bit far off, right? :grin:

Unless You have since special GPU I don’t know of… :rofl:


Ha ha you laugh but there are SO many recommendations to use 16384 on this forum!

Eg Martin says if you use PP and / or Large FOV then use it:

"Also, as suggested in other threads, try bumping up the max recommended resolution value in SteamVR config to 16384. Just add, inside the steamvr brackets:
“MaxRecommendedResolution” : 16384
And restart SteamVR.

This helps the resolution to be correct when using Parallel Projection, especially with Large FOV. Gives more clarity and less jagged edges. You should instantly see the difference."


Tbh I’ve got a few PP apps, and a few Large FOV ones, so I’ll just try it for those and see if there’s any improvement or performance change. I’m just wondering why they chose not to set that as default, after recommending it previously.


I hear ya, but there’s also people who were talking about 3-500% supersampling earlier which makes no sense to me at all… :rofl:

I think someone mentioned an overhead? That would be the only thing can think of… :slightly_smiling_face:

If You don’t notice any, just leave it at 16k, I guess… :wink:


Does using PE do the same thing as the sharp/clear steam vr hack that is listed in this site or would I still need to do that separately?

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PE handles that… :wink:

using 16384 is just a better safe than sorry thing, it’s a reasonable number to expect steamvr to understand and big enough that you won’t reasonably be expected to hit it (current hardware) if you don’t hit 8192 then then there’s no difference. it basically just for current practical purposes removes the cap.


Not sure but isn’t there an option to adjust it in PE too?

Maybe we just spoke about it during the (closed) beta testing phase… :wink:

Which one are we talking about here? Isn’t that AdvancedSuperSample Filtering? If so, PE by default has it on, whereas Martin in the past recommended turning it off for increased clarity.

As the feature may have changed, I’m still not sure what’s best. I’ll have to test and play ‘spot the difference’.

If it’s a different setting, very interested to know, I might have missed it :+1:

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maxRecommendedResolution… :wink:

Question was if it’s configurable in PE. Haven’t checked but I just think/thought it was? :slight_smile:

Maybe we just talked about it… :wink:

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Ah fine. Yes, it’s configurable in PE if 8192 isn’t enough :wink:

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