What Are The Best VR Headsets Of 2023?

Today I am going to give my thoughts on what my favorite VR headsets for 2023 were and which ones you might consider if your wanting to buy one for this holiday season.

If you decide to purchase either one of the headsets I am recommending please consider using one of the links below… It really helps the channel continue to grow! (≡)-)

Meta Quest 3 VR Headset:

Pimax Crystal VR Headset:

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Meta Quest 2 VR Headset:

Surprise surprise, Pimax votes foooooor… Pimax! LOL

I would say the Quest3 is now the best all round HMD of 2023. Its lenses, size, price and store make it the clear all round winner. It even has a direct SteamVR app now.

Crystal doesnt even have Wifi enabled yet. It cant do native pass through. Not great for fast sports type games and only has, what 12 no name Apps on its store. It’s Chalk and cheese.


I have no affiliation with Pimax other than the fact they sent me hardware to review from time to time… in fact, I’m actually one of the official Meta Quest content creators so technically I have more affiliation with them… I just really freaking love the clarity I get with the Crystal! :rofl:


Yeah getting Quest Link is AWESOME! I’m not sure what you’re talking about by saying it’s not good for fast games though? Currently my crystal is running at 120 HZ and I see no motion blur or loss of tracking at all? Now with that being said I am running the lighthouse face plate on it so maybe that’s the difference :thinking: and I totally agree that their standalone mode is complete crap but as I said in this video for PCVR use it’s the best one I’ve seen yet! []-)

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Even if you’re happy with your Crystal you still need a $2k GPU, you still need to pay extra for the DMAS and you still have no pass through which after using the Pico 4 for 12 months is a must have.

Proof is in the sales and Crystal doesn’t even show up on the Steam Hardware sales after months where as Quest3 has shot up the chart.


Yeah as I said at the end of the video if you watched it if you want to play you’ve got to pay and I totally recommend the quest 3 in this video as being the best mid-range budget all around option! Crystal is definitely not for everyone… and if you think the cost of entry for this one’s high wait until you see the 12K next year… LOL :wink::rofl:


Fast games as in Population One where you do a lot of looking around.

I’m sure for pure PCVR where you’re in a flight sim the Crystal will be awesome. Pimax made the right choice in that regard but when you look at the tear down you see Crystal just doesnt need that sized chassis, it was designed for the 12k.


Oh yeah I totally agree… I pretty much use this exclusively with my motion simulator ( https://youtu.be/xyaJgnHfVTU ) and a few seated games at my desk… The Luke Ross Cyberpunk 2077 mod will blow your mind in this headset! :exploding_head:

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If Pimax price the 12k over $1600 they are finished. The 8KX didn’t sell and Pimaxes reputation means even if they create a wonder HMD they’re still not going to sell to the mainstream, lol.

If the 12k is great then all those Crystal buyers will upgrade and Pimax will foot the bill. If Pimax inflate the price to compensate then new buyers wont buy and Pimax are back to square one.

But hey lets see what happens at CES2024 in a few weeks.

I think Crystal is by far Pimaxes best headset. Good for them, theyre catering for a small niche of VR enthusiasts. Hopefully the 12k can build on that if they can blend Aspheric and fresnel lenses into one without giving eye strain.


hehe ok I only see you pushing Pimax promotion vids but then again, I don’t follow it very much. Good to hear you’re happy with the Crystal.

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VR news has been quite stagnant imho and is why most VR Tubers cover mostly every crumb.

Most that have demoed the Crystal will do videos on these promo videos.

Like how many months did ppl follow Quest 3 speculation videos and the like.

What we need is some real news to be available.

VR is still very niche.


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