What are the best simulator games for Pimax? Also has anyone received their 8K Plus yet?

I’m getting my first Pimax headset. I pre-ordered the 8K Plus but haven’t received an email yet. I would like to buy some simulation games like racing and flight sims but I don’t know the best ones for Pimax. I want to buy while the Steam winter sale is still on. Some sims have mixed reviews and there are lots of options. Is Project Cars 2 any good? X Plane 11? Asseto Corsa?

Also, has anyone received their 8K Plus yet?


Some Chinese got their 8K+ few days ago but never heard about other countries.


Mine 2019 favorit sim list : AC , Dirt Rally 2, IL 2 BoX, Elite Dangerous, Project Cars 2 ,
In past DCS but its slow around 45~50 fps with good setup, waiting for vulcan and other changes.
I would not invest money and time in X-plain 11 as MS FS 2020 is comming…


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For sims really depends what you like.

  • Vector 32
  • Redout
  • Distance
  • Vox Macinae (mech sim)
  • WarRobotsVR (short free mech sim)

What type of sims are you into?


Helio you’re sure you know what sims means?
You have only mention arcade games :slight_smile:


You did mention Elite Dangerous. Racing sims even Sci-fi are still sims. :beers::grin::vulcan_salute::sparkles:

Sure the 2 mech games could be classed as more FPS than sim.


I didn’t care for PC2. I like the tracks in AC, especially the original La Mons. If you don’t have a steering wheel, imo AC has the best (non-VR) controller support: Tilt to steer.

My #1 reason to buy an 8K was to play Elite Dangerous, which is great in VR, but it’s a game you either love or hate. (There’s not much middle ground.) If you like to fly a space ship and want an entire galaxy to explore, it’s great. If you’re looking for a story and depth, you should look elsewhere. (I’ve played over 2000 hours in the last 4 years.)


Definitely AC. I also didn’t like PC2, driving is more arcade than sim.
DCS is mind blowing but yes poor frame rates in vr.
X Plane is totally amazing if you like flight sims. Some people find them boring, I don’t. Personally I’m not expecting Microsoft to be able to supersede it at all on their first release later this year.


I remember trying out Flightgear way back when. But you definitely needed to know the plane controls. :laughing:

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If you get AC, you’re definitely going to want to download Content Manager, Shaders Light Patch and Sol mod straight away. These take it to a whole new level.


Customers in Japan, U.S, and Canada received their 8K PLUS partially.Thanks


I live in Canada and pre-ordered on Nov 21st. Will I recieve an email when it ships?


If you like WW2 aircraft, Western, Axis and Eastern - Il2 Great Battles series is brilliant in VR on Pimax.

If you have a 2080 or 2080Ti, it will perform really well. I play Ultra Graphics settings on a 2080 with Normal FOV and it is great (64Hz mode, pitool 1.25 with SteamVR Beta on Auto).

Beats DCS in performance and graphics and other flight sims -well, just a bit bland for my liking although I do like DCS more recent jets but not the full detail clickable cockpits as I don’t have time to do intense training on each air frame.

Assetto Corsa the original worked very well, I have yet to play the new version - Competizione or what ever they call it although it is in my game list - just too busy over Christmas.


Competizione runs pretty bad - even in the menus where there is just a small empty room it struggles to Enough FPS on my 2080TI for smart smoothing- I guess my biggest los on a VR Game - sad :disappointed:

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Indeed, I have all this installed and it’s a game changer.
And if you install this car you’ll literally fly;
RedBull X2010

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