What are the best Pimax Strap mods you've seen?

So I’m leaning very hard towards getting a Pimax 5k+ and buying Valve Kncukles and base stations in the near future. However the strap and face pad have got to go. I haven’t even worn one, but, I already know it’s going to be an issue for me. The Pimax community seems to be a pretty resourceful and intuitive bunch when it comes to this stuff. The obvious one here is you can purchase a 3D print to use an HTC Deluxe audio strap and I’ve seen a company selling an accessory that is simply a thicker more comfortable single strap that goes around the top of the head to further alleviate any weight of the headset on the face.

However, let’s say I want to use my wireless Corsair Void headset in VR with my Pimax for audio and mic and don’t wish to use an HTC DAS that has additional built in earphones. Looking at the headset, considering there already a DIY group of individuals using the Pimax, it seems like one could easily create an alternative attachment for the top attachment point on the HMD for a ‘halo’ head mount. This type of head mount, similar to the Samsung odyssey or rift s, would be very comfortable, alleviate face weight, as well as allow for a pivoting action to view physical surroundings without the need to remove the headset. A halo’ head mount, in combination with a comfy face pad, I cant imagine comfort being an issue at all.

For example, and also the only individual halo strap I can find commercially atm, Oculous sells a Rift S replacement strap.

What are some comfort mods you’ve seen or can recommend other than the DAS?

When I first got the Pimax I had to switch out the face pad, but now I’ve got my DAS fitting well I’ve found that the stock Pimax face pad works best for me.

Before the DAS was released, Vive users were using a welding mask mod - https://www.amazon.com/Miller-Electric-256174-Headgear-Helmet/dp/B00826AM7A

But obviously it doesn’t have integrated audio.