What about guaranty?

I got today my 5k+ HMD, just from beginning it has issue like there https://community.openmr.ai/t/8k-screen-flashing-white-red-green-dots-popping-everywhere-see-the-video/12194/20.
Now, after about two hours of working the HMD had died. When I push “on” button, the red LED indicates that booting process is running. Green light does not turn any more. RIP. Very short live. Re-plug does not help. Power supply unit is ok.

Thanks guys for the crap you sent to me. Very impressive.

Now the main question: do we have a warranty/guarantee for the best ever HMD, controllers and base station? How long and where I may ask for a service in Europe?

@Doman.Chen @Sean.Huang SUPEN-915


Submit a support ticket & edit your post to include Supen number. @anon74848233 already posted a detailed message on supporting backers.

yes I did it for the first issue and had provide update. but having that experience I really start to worry about two year warranty


Okay sorry to hear. With all the Backer shipments & quality tickets please be patient. With under 100 employees. They are swamped.

With the red led does the screens look backlit? I did a static test without a pc only connecting wall psu & screens had greyish color from backlight.

no backlight on screen. pitool does not see HMD connected. just a brick with red LED

Have you checked the plug on the headset? (Sure you have).

Does sound like likely something died in headset.

Dfu tool does it see headset? If not try @Sjef tool as it might see it.

i think we actually have 1 year warranty but not sure.
Saw it somewhere last week.
Would love to be wrong :slight_smile:

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I do also think i have a faulty hmd(5k).
If I have to send it back can i get an
8k instead?


Not sure on change but might be possible. @anon74848233 can answer better.


Thanks helio.
I like your quick response on the forum :slight_smile:


My HMD “died” at some point as well. I then uninstalled Piplay & Pitool and after that manually deleted Pimax/PiPlay/PiTool folders from User…/… folder. Then reinstalled them and the HMD worked again.

However the flashing and dots never went away. Pimax answered my support ticket and they will send me a replacement. Just give them a bit of time to answer your support ticket. :slight_smile:


Hmd light staying red not going green when turned on, this sounds like the pimax buggy USB driver. Sometimes restarting the piservice works, sometimes doesn’t and a reboot works. Mines the same.

But the dots you see on screen not sure about that one.


Update to my case https://community.openmr.ai/t/8k-screen-flashing-white-red-green-dots-popping-everywhere-see-the-video/12194

I received yesterday a new cable from Pimax and my headset now works perfectly! So the cable was the problem for the screen flashing white + red/green dots.

Man this device is nice!