What about AMD Radeon FidelityFX Super Resolution? Will it be Supported?

Yes amd’s equivalent to dlss is about to come out. Any news iff it will be included in the pimax software at all?

what does the Pimax software have to do with it?


well the pimax experience software supports rtx dlss as a default feature. i just wonder iff the radeon version of it will be available in the pimax experience software

As @dstar has said like Nvidia’s dlss; this will be games and programs side.

That would be a question for @arminelec. However if you mean in game setting profiles then that is simply setting profiles.

Pimax is otherwise to blame for everything that happens in the world. (including the sinking of the Titanic, the current weather, crypto crash) but with this thing really not.

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An RTX Card is required for foveated rendering but this has nothing to do with DLSS and even less with AMD‘s sharpening tool.

It would be interesting to know if it does support VR in the first place though.

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