Weird Vertical Line distortion when I move my head quickly on 5k+

Hey all, hoping some folks have some suggestions on this.

I’ve tried to look for similar issues, and have tried their suggestions, but it doesn’t seem to work.

Long story short, I got my Pimax 5K+ in, and set it up. Everything seemed to go well and I am using the latest pitool download and the software says my HMD firmware is current.

When I move my head in any game, there are two vertical lines near the center of my eyes, but just to the inner left and right, that rapidly distort and seem to flicker. Almost like it’s screen tearing, or that the refresh of the hmd cannot keep up with how quickly I am turning my head, and is struggling to adjust.

I have tried lowering FOV, settings for Pitool and Steam on resolution, pretty much everything I can think of, including and up to adjusting the IPD and where the headset sits on my head. My IPD is 63, professionally calculated by my Optometrist, and adjusting the headset position on my head doesn’t seem to help much.

Also, this happens at any IPD, and all FOVs and all games I have tried. (Steam VR Home, Lucky’s tale, Krypt Crawler, and so on. )

Does anyone have any suggestions on how this can be fixed? Is it a distortion profile thing? Maybe something that can be fixed with a firmware update or pitool version?

Or even Video Driver settings?

Hoping someone has some ideas that may lead to a fix for this.

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use pitool 1.91 problem solved


Thank you! That worked!

I really appreciate the assist. The distortion was driving me crazy!