Weird supersampling artefact but only when not moving my head

As the title say, its hard to properly explain, but basically, if i don’t move my head and look at smaller text, i can see supersampling artefact pretty intensely (slight color changes on the edges of the text constantly).

But as soon as i move my head and just keep on moving, even just a little, then the text become sharp and crisp.

I tried just about every settings i could think off, turning on or off motion smoothing, fvr at any setting or off, quality at 2, 1, 0.5 but its always here may it be in vorpx or in virtual desktop.

advanced supersampling is disabled in steam vr, but enabling it did not affect it either.

Anyone else noticed this ? This is probably my only issue with the pimax 8k, otherwise i am pretty darn impressed by the quality.

pitool version (beta)


Have you tried minor changes on Soft Ipd? It could be the stereo overlap convergence. Try a +0.5 and or -0.05 offset.

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The P5K just hasn’t got enough pixels and all we can do is reduce the effect.
But it’s quite acceptable to me.

Monitor: 1080p, 100% scaling
PiTool: 0.5, small FOV(shouldn’t matter)
SteamVR SS: 400%
VD: 104°, 3x SS

I wish Virtual Desktop’s MSAA would smooth the desktop and not only the model environments.
nVidias AA settings don’t seem to do anything.
Super sampling affects it quite a bit, more is not always better.

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I think what you’re seeing is normal for the 8K.

There’s red/green fringing on thin lines and small text, due to the “rainbow” subpixel pattern. Each pixel is either Green or Red/Blue, not full RGB. This looks fine for solid-color areas, but edges and thin details show fringing. The 5K+ has full RGB subpixels, so it doesn’t have this issue, but it has larger pixels and slightly more SDE.

The reason it goes away when you move your head is that the image pixel is moving across the field of subpixels and is sometimes red or green (which averages out the fringing).


while theres definitly a small part of it being the subpixel pattern, its not all it is, whatever the newer pitool beta did greatly improved it. Theres still a tiny bit of it visible and thats likely what your refering to, but its miles ahead of how it was in