Weird fps bug with Pimax/PiTool - found the fix

So for the last few weeks I’ve been having the odd fps issue. Usually locked at 90fps (iRacing) but sometimes when I join I’m getting 70ish, with CPU and particularly GPU usage really low.

So one person on the iRacing forums suggested minimising PiTool (using the x, not the - button) and wouldn’t you believe it. Immediately back to 90fps.

I’ve had this headset since kickstarter and not until the last few weeks have run into this issue…

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What Pitool?
Is Iracing the only title you see this in?
For that matter what headset?
Not much info here

Sorry about the lack of info!

I only play iRacing in VR but I could see the jerky/low fps in steamvr library etc also.

Pretty sure I’m on latest PiTool (I’ll check), and I’m on a 5K+

This is super weird because it has only just happened in the last 2 weeks… And I’m pretty sure I haven’t done a pitool update recently?

Interesting work around. You could also just not run Pitool except to make a settings change.Once SVR picks up the new setting Pitool doesn’t really need to be running until the next time you want to change a setting.
I stopped upgrading at PT 261 so can’t speak to the latest ver. Works great and saw no reason to move to later versions (if it ain’t broke) and in some cases reason not to, based on some other’s posts.

I’ll have to give that a go (not running pitool).

Edit: pitool definitely has to be running for iRacing to work!

Are you running in openxr? svr shouldn’t need pitool

I usually run iRacing using OpenVR.

I tried running it using OpenXR and SteamVR opens when I load the game. If I mess around with OpenXR again, I’ll try without PiTool

Then i find it odd you need to run pitool to run IRacing in SVR. I can’t test IRacing but I seldom launch Pittool if i am not making changes in it. Can’t recall having to have it running to actually play any of my SVR games of which I have several dozen.

Actually, pimax software has to be running for the HMD to start at all. You probably have it running in the background (option).

Pimax services runs at Win startup. Actually running the Pitool app isn’t necessary except to make changes for things like PP, FOV, Foviated rendering etc. Then you need to have PT run until you launch SVR so it can adjust to the new settings. After SVR runs you can shut down Pitool if you wish until the next time you make changes SVR needs to pick up.

Unless I am changing settings I never run Pitool other than to launch OpenXR titles like MSFS and DCS or Oculus titles. SVR titles work fine without it running. Been that way for years without issue.

As I said, in the background The app itself hardly uses any resources. or does it? Haven’t used it like this in ages as I only run the Pi processes when I’m also using VR, thus turning the HMD on and off

Wasn’t concerned with Pitool’s overhead. Only pointed out to the OP it’s need to be running or not to play SVR titles, which I have so far found it does not.

Ahh, ok, I must have misunderstood. sorry

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