Weird double image in VorpX with Pimax 5K+

As above getting a double image,almost as if it’s stuck in a 3d mode,this is on desktop viewer and any games,also in game menu is doubled on screen as well.

Will reinstall to see if it fixes it,just waiting for a new link from Vorpx have you guys had issues like this ?

I’d say in general no, judging by the previous thread.

Yeah had a really annoying flicker on the desktop viewer on my 4K BE
but most games looked great,now just have this weird double image
but seems to be no flicker on the viewer with the 5K+.:roll_eyes:

The developer said he might add Pimax support for VorpX, for an extra cost.

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It’s already supported to some degree, some users here are using it. Also there are videos by SweViver and mixedrealitytv showcasing that it can be done.

Unfortunately I have no idea what cause for the problem @darkerpilgrim is facing is. I’d say reinstalling is a good decision maybe it’s storing 4K BE settings which cause problems, but just a shot in the dark.

Maybe related to parallel projection if it’s the same as described here:

Edit: @leppermessiah1 was right when it comes to the 3D mode, mixedrealitytv mentioned that not all games are supported in this mode for the 5K/8K