Weekly Update Sep 2nd Discussion

8KX Logistic Advisory
We have now manufactured enough 8KX headsets for all existing orders which includes backers, upgrades and pre-orders. All orders are expected to ship before the end of this month.

I find this very hard to believe. Sounds just like when they said all 8KX headsets are expected to ship in December 2019

Do you believe Pimax that they claim to ship before the end of the month?

  • Yes
  • No

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I want to believe but they have fallen short of predictions so many times that it is hard to fully believe when they make a claim like this. I will say that this prediction does line up with the recent claims of them shipping around 60 headsets a day, but I find that claim hard to believe also. At this point I have to doubt until proven wrong. But I truly hope its the real deal this time.


It just also seems like another one of their unrealistic timelines. To go from slow as a snail to suddenly shipping all headsets within a month. I wish that were true. But we’d be suckers to believe them.

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Also we have no concrete evidence theyre actually shipping 60 units a day. The increase in 8KX reviews does NOT match the pace of supposed shipments.


If they’re shipping ~60 units the past few days, that’s roughly 180 headsets shipped this week so far. I’ve only seen one guy mention he received tracking and that was today. I’m not saying that all preorders/upgrades are people on the forums, but you’d think it’s certainly more than 1. I’m not expecting Pimax to hold to the exact quoted numbers, but something seems rather fishy.


My question is why can they only ship 60 units a day if they’ve manufactured all of them?


You’re right. That doesn’t make any sense! @PimaxQuorra @Miracle

They also said supporters through pimax day pre-order priority is again, get used to
I think, on the grounds that manufacturing is completed does not mean the check is complete, which represents about their day inspection qualified only 70?

I guess they have to put the 8kxs in boxes and make sure that the boxes include everything.

And they have ability to do only 60 per day.

If they have 3 people doing it then that means those 3 people can each do 20 per day or about 2.5 per hour for an 8 hour workday.

That is about 25 minutes to put stuff in a box. I guess it is reasonable?

Or maybe they also need to do QA?


Yes, someone at Pimax said that the units are being shipped from the factory to another office, where they are all retested, before being shipped out to customers. They also said they are shipping other stuff, besides 8KXs.

Still, it seems very slow. Perhaps they need a few more employees to help with shipping.


I for one am pleased to think that each unit that leaves the building will have been properly tested - given how much of a pain it will be if I have to send it back for repair!

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Even if that’s the case and ~60 are being shipped, that’s now 240 for this week. Have you seen anyone claim they’ve even received a tracking number?

I received a tracking number last friday, it’s due to arrive monday (EU). I upgraded late november 2019 I think.


quality control -> they might have produced them all but they mentioned they send them from the factory to the pimax headquarters first to inspect each hmd

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I don’t trust Pimax that it will manufacture and ship my DMAS attached 8KX before October.

Do all pre-orders mean the P-orders also? As like me who ordered in June? They seem very confident and I believe they will deliver :). I don’t know where all negativity comes from. Since I’ve been here they have been very transparent about everything and constantly answering people questions here in forums and give weekly updates. Don’t really understand the hate.

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I think the hate is due to the repeated delays. These days, a lot of people want instant gratification. Personally, as long as my 8KX is good, I’ll forgive the delays, especially since part of it is due to increased QA.

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I don’t think it’s hate. It’s just that so many promised dates have already been missed that it is hard to believe any dates that are given anymore.


I totally agree I don’t mind if a product is delayed due to improvements or extra quality control. Such as the Reverb G2. I get annoyed when Pimax mess your order up and promise to rectify the mistake as a priority then fob you off completely!!! :exploding_head:

Multiple quotes taken from different conversations with pimax over the past 10 days…

I succeeded. I will deliver the order for you tomorrow

The reply from logistics and customer service is that it will be sent this week.

your order will be arranged next week

It has already started, please be patient and it will be completed this week.

Will be processed and shipped within a week

I have not received anything and just want information that I can 100% trust.


This right here is why there is so much negativity. Don’t believe that they will deliver all headsets before the end of the month. History shows all of their promises and timelines have been a lie. We are tired of Pimax lying to us. It’s been 9 months of lies.

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