Weekly Update 9th September 2020

Weekly Update

September 9th , 2020

8KX News

Shipping and Production: The shipment has been continuous in progress. If you haven’t received your 8KX shipment please wait patiently as the logistics team are working on it. Rest assured we are producing and shipping considerable numbers of 8KX each day.

Requests for Parts: Recently some customers found that the metal hinge their 8KX does not all the same travel distance as the plastic version does. Also, some people have inadvertently received only a single foam either the thin or thick foam and would like the extra foam. If you own an 8KX and need to request either of these items please create a support ticket and we will ship these parts directly to you.

You can also PM PimaxQuorra or Miracle your order number on openmr.ai and the request can also be made that way.
Or you can leave a comment on this thread.

Firmware Update: We have a new 8KX beta firmware update that we are releasing that allows 8KX to refresh clearly at 114hz and fix the backlight issue on the upscale mode. You can give it a try and download it via this link .


We are excited to announce the DMAS is finalized and it is now entering an estimated 1,000 unit production run. We will be revealing images and further details and more in some of the next updates.

Stretch Goal / Backer Box

Please make sure you have confirmed your address for your Backer Box, this is a requested step to receive shipment. If you having an issue with the confirmation process this please contact our support and use the title “Backer Box”. Our support team will provide assistance and resolve it.

Special note – those who have not verified their addresses before October 31st will not be eligible to make refund requests.

Hand Tracking Module

Shipments begin shortly and we are providing a complete guide and new Pitool version to our users so they can have the best possible experience once they are received.

Eye Tracking Module

Back in stock and shipments have resumed. A new version of Pitool will resolve the tracking and calibration issues.

Pitool News

We will now publish a weekly Pitool progress report every Friday. This report will include features in the software and firmware we are currently working on and other progress.

Please make sure you follow this thread for more information.

Your Pimax Team.