Weekly Update 29.07.2020

Weekly Update

July 29th, 2020.

8KX Production and Logistics Advisory

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The schedule of these 2 accessories are unchanged are in still in tooling. The tooling process is still expected to be completed on August 15th.

Hand Tracking

The hand tracking module housing is currently undergoing testing and should be certified on or about July 31st as previously expected.

We made a technical improvement that will further increase the refresh rate of the module but this required a modification to the PCB. We expect to test this new version PCB at the end of next week and we will put out an advisory with the results. The change offered a significant improvement and we deemed it worth a small change to the schedule.

All other components such as packaging etc. are complete.

Eye Tracking Module Pitool Release

The Pitool version that supports the Eye Tracking module is currently undergoing internal testing. This version supports DFR and offers significant performance gains for most software titles. We expect to make the beta version available for download this Saturday.

Thank you.
Your Pimax Team