Weekly update 27/03/2020

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Here comes the weekly update. We included all the status of each products. Please have read on it. After you read, if there’s no answer for your question, please kindly PM us.

Plan F delivery status details

US - Finished 100% of the delivery of backers, and enough stock for current order, the next transportation of 100 units to Amazon Warehouse is on the way.

EU - Finished 39% of the delivery of backers, enough bundles are on the way to Marseille warehouse and arrive on the 27th of Mar… (UPS tracking#: 1Z9W019V…285)


Around CNY Pimax got the bundles packed in the HongKong warehouse and ready to ship to Euro. Then Pimax started ship the first batch bundles to the rest of US slowly due to the COVID-19, but quickly we got feedback from our customers where they had to pay high VAT tax.

To avoid this, Pimax stopped the shipment from HongKong and contacted the warehouse in Marseille, and managed to transfer another batch of bundles to Marseille on the 19th Mar. Again as there was very strict quarantine rules to get labors to pack the bundles in the factory and to shift from the Shenzhen free zone to Hongkong warehouse, this caused the slow process.

This batch is supposed to arrive at Marseille by this week. So, the shipment would happen once they arrive.

Canada/Japan/Aus/NZ - Finished 42% of the delivery, remaining orders are schedule to be delivered from Hongkong warehouse in the next week.

Two pieces of content codes for Kickstarters - Finished 500 codes for 250 backers. Begin to deliver via kickstarter messages. Distribution target will be 600 users/1200 codes per day by 6 employees and finish all delivery of codes within 10 days.

Eye tracking - 7evensun finalized mechanical design, Both of 7evensun and Pimax will conduct the final review by next week, and start tooling the week after final reviewing.


  • Confirmation of the specification: mid of Feb.
  • Tooling starts: early April.
  • Started the packing design in this week and target to finalize by next week.

Hand motion module - Just got the 3D print working sample to validate mechanical function and meet the FOV requirements.



The purchase intention of first 400 pcs leap motion boards was discussed between both Pimax and Ultraleap on this 13rd. Pimax has been processing the order and plan to finish the delivery in the April.

During the CES, Ultraleap found the previous design couldn’t meet the FoV requirements, so Pimax has been tuning the mechanical mount for the module and currently got the working sample for validation.

Then decide which manufacture to start the tooling by the 3rd of April. (it will take 2 months from tooling start to mass production.)

Additionally: Pimax got the further partner ship with Ultraleap and has also been creating the our own manufacturing competition for the Hand motion, plan to finish it in the end of the first half year. Then Pimax can offer the customers the more economical price.

8KX - Just finished 102 main boards, next to do the first batch units assembly.


Finished 102 pcs main boards, next to start the first batch units assembly on 31st March.

The first pilot mass production will happen and the 100 pcs headsets without MAS will start to assembly from 16th of April and end by 30th of April.

Meanwhile the Standard MAS have been in the process of the assembly. And finally we will assembly together at the end of April.

Standard MAS


T0 starts from the 6th of April. Produce 10 pcs for testing.

T1 starts from the 25th of April. Another 100 pcs will be produce.

Deluxe Speaker Module: it’s schedule is behind the Stand MAS by 6 weeks.


Backers’ Single Basestations


We have base stations in HongKong warehouse and start shipping by next week.

Stretch Goal - We will include on the next update.

The weekly update will be release every Wednesday.

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