Weekly Update 25th December 2020

Weekly Update

December 25th,2020

DMAS Production Update

We did a preliminary production run for the DMAS and found a minor tooling error, the issue is small enough that it can potentially be quickly resolved. We are currently reviewing different solutions, but this should only be a slight delay. We have accumulated all the various parts for the DMAS mass production runs so once we decide on a solution we can quickly move forward.

Eye Tracking Module Update

We have been working with our partner on software updates for the eye tracking module and cycling through different iterations in our testing labs. The current test version of the USB 2.0 DFR driver that we have had the most success with refreshes at 100Hz. We found some inconsistency issues with the 120Hz version so for now we expect that if no new issues are found we will release the 100Hz edition into beta sometime next week.

HandTracking Not Detected Issue Solved

A rare issue was reported by several customers where the hand tracking module could not be detected. It turns out this was because they had more than 1 Pimax headset and hand tracking was attached to their original Pimax headsets before their new ones arrived. The drivers were looking for the device attached to their original headset rather than the new one.

This can be solved by completely uninstalling all Pimax software and reinstalling.

If you need the latest version of Pitool and the Pimax Experience (highly recommended if you have a hand tracking module) you can use these links to download them:

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Year 2020 might be a tough year to most of us, but it won’t last forever. May the 2021 will be a better one!
Wishing you all Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2021!

Your Pimax Team.