Weekly Update 23th September 2020

Weekly Update

September 23rd, 2020

Pimax Controller Development

We have entered the final development phase for our new Pimax Sword series controllers.
For more detailed information, you can check out this link.

Hand Tracking Module Setup Guide

Users who had received the new wide FOV Hand Tracking Module you can check out our new Setup Guide which includes quick installation instructions and links for different programs that will get you started, we highly encourage you to check out this guide to make sure your module is properly setup. Follow this link to read the guide.

Pimax Experience Open Beta

We are about to release the Pimax Experience Open Beta.

Currently, we are putting the final touches on a new mouse interaction mode for those who use their headsets for simulators without controllers.

The latest and upcoming versions of Pitool support the Pimax Experience. If everything goes to plan we will release a new Pitool set that includes the Pimax Experience Beta very soon.

Hand Tracking Module Shipping Update

700 additional units of the hand tracking module are currently undergoing assembly and will enter inspection soon. Once inspection is complete, we will resume shipping.

Plastic hinge on SMAS

We are now shipping the 8KX SMAS with plastic hinge, as the metal hinge caused quite a number of problems. We have switched back to the plastic hinge and will look into further refining the design of the hinge. If you received a metal hinge you can request the plastic version and we will mail it to you.

Important Note: It has come to our attention that some people are using the SMAS without loosening the head strap and rotating the plastic hinge far enough down. The SMAS is designed for the rear foam to cup the bottom side of the back of your head.

Steps for the most comfortable SMAS Fit:
1 . Loosen the top head strap.
2 . Rotate the back foam down where it will be positioned below the center point of the back of your head. You may feel some resistance as you rotate the hinge.
3 . Place the headset on your head and the rear foam should cup the underside of the back of your head and tighten with the knob until the headset is securely in place.

You should now be able to add and remove your headset easily without further adjustment.

8KX Shipment Update

Last but not least here is an update about 8KX shipments.

We have clearly made various mistakes that have hampered rapid shipments. You may have noticed in the last week many people are reporting receiving the 8KX shipments and through it all we are now up to a very healthy 80-100 8KX headsets shipped per day and at this rate it is still our goal to ship all outstanding 8KX shipments by the end of this month.

Your Pimax Team.