Weekly Update 23.07.2020

Weekly Update 23.07.2022

  1. If a backer already paid for Hand Tracking during the KS, could the funds be used on the Eye Tracking module instead?
    Answer: No. The Hand Tracking modules are already in the production pipeline and production materials and resources were procured based on the number of orders.

  2. Are the Backer Plans A-D still available, or do we only offer the new $349 opt-out plan?
    Answer: The A-D plans including the new out-out plan will be limited to a TOTAL of 500 backers. So, all plans are still available but only for a limited time. The new $349 opt-out plan will be online soon.

  3. Can backers, who upgraded using Backer Plan A-D and opted out of stretch goals, still purchase the Stretch Goal Box separately?
    Answer: Yes. Once we have delivered the stretch goal “Backer Box” to those who did not opt-out we will make this item available to backers for a very special price in the Pimax Store.

  4. When does the refund process begin for backers who paid for a 10m extension cable or Pimax controllers?
    Answer: The refund process will begin in August. If you are a backer waiting for this refund, please create a support ticket and we will follow up.

  5. Does the Backer 8KX include 2 foams?
    Answer : Yes, 2 foams will be included with all upcoming 8KX shipments. The missing foam from the first 8KX batch shipments will be delivered to you along with the Stretch Goal Box.

  6. Prescription Lens for Eye Tracking Module ?
    Answer : We are currently testing various lenses with the prescription lens adapter to ensure its working properly with the Eye tracking module. We will have further information on the progress of this in a later update.

  7. I am a backer who received a $100 coupon for switching from the Pimax 8K to the Pimax 5K+ during the Kickstarter campaign. Specifically what items can this coupon be applied to?
    Answer : Customers can apply all their coupons on the items below:
    Note : The Coupon is only applicable with the product value. Strictly not valid for Shipping and HandlingFees , VAT or other charges.

  • Headset without bundle


  • Facial Foam Replacement


  • Modular Audio Strap


  • Silicone Protective Sleeve


  • VR Comfort Kit


  • 5M DP/ USB Cable


  • Hand Tracking Module
    We were able to work with our partner and allow backers to apply a coupon for the Hand Tracking module until 12/31/2020.


  1. Eye Tracking Installation Instructions

Video Guide :

Illustrations Guide :

  1. Pitool Beta Version for Eye Tracking DFR
    Answer : The next beta version of PiTool will include Eye Tracking DFR support, and is estimated to be released by next week. We will announce the download link, upon release from our software engineers.

  2. Is Pimax going to ship the KDMAS to customers who ordered SMAS from the website, to be used with their 5K+, 8K and 5K XR headsets?
    Answer : Yes. If you ordered the SMAS, and you own any of these 3 headsets, please submit a ticket to us. In order for our support team to be able to change your order from SMAS to KDMAS, you will need to include headset model name and serial number in your ticket.

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